2022 in Review and our Maintenance Solutions for the New Year

2022 in review

With 2023 just days away, we like to look at the past year and evaluate the success and growth of our company in 2022. More importantly, we want to celebrate the wins and successes of our customers who have improved oversight and transparency in their maintenance process. 

Nothing is better than seeing our customers overcome maintenance obstacles by implementing powerful processes. With Property Meld, we have seen our customers increase resident satisfaction, improve repair speed, retain owners better, and expand their portfolios. Join us as we reflect on what we’ve accomplished in the past year and what you can look forward to from Property Meld in 2023.

2022 in Review

2022 was a fantastic year of growth for our company and our customers. We launched many vital tools that continue to provide a better maintenance experience for property managers, owners, vendors, and residents. 

Integrations: To simplify the process and take maintenance to the next level, Property Meld has integrated with various well-known property management software. These integrations save time with automatic data syncing and eliminate double entry. In 2022, we added more robust integrations to our list and are now a part of AppFolio Stack and Buildium Marketplace. 

Property Meld integrations

Workflow Automation:

One of the most exciting changes of 2022 was the launch of Workflows, our powerful automation canvas. With Workflows, Property Meld customers can eliminate mundane tasks and enforce standard operating procedures by pre-configuring workflows for everyday use cases. Since the launch of Workflows in February of 2022, our property management customers have automated over 1,000,000 tasks. Automation can improve repetitive processes and remove the inevitable mistakes caused by human error.

PropertyCare+: PropertyCare+ is a feature that enables property managers to promote additional services to their property owners. These services include preventative maintenance tasks like HVAC inspections, gutter cleaning, and wiring inspections. This can provide property managers with an additional source of revenue and benefit property owners by extending the life of their assets and reducing expensive maintenance costs. 

Preventative Maintenance

In addition to our latest tools within our maintenance platform, we celebrated the big move to our new Property Meld HQ earlier this year. Our team continues to grow as our smart maintenance solution improves — a larger space for our maintenance experts was needed!

In August, we invited our customers to join us in Rapid City, South Dakota, for our annual User Summit. Property Meld customers toured the new headquarters, participated in tooling certification courses, and met with their customer success team one-on-one. In addition, we hosted various educational workshops about improving the maintenance process and how to get the most out of Property Meld software.

What Next Year Will Bring

looking towards 2023

As exciting as 2022 was, we can’t wait for what will come in 2023. With our continued growth and success, we plan to add many new Melders to our team to continue serving our customers better!

We look forward to our third annual User Summit in 2023 and connecting with our customers in person. The User Summit is an excellent opportunity to learn essential industry insights about how to take your property management business to the next level. For those looking to become experts in Property Meld, we encourage you to join us at the User Summit for a deep dive into our software. 

Property Meld customers can expect various new features, functionality, and programs within Property Meld in 2023. Our product team works hard to ensure we prioritize feature releases based on customer feedback. 

Check back for updates as new product features are released. 

To wrap up, we wouldn’t be where we are today without our customers’ loyalty and grit. We thank you for taking a chance on Property Meld and making an organizational change to better your company. 

For those who aren’t Property Meld customers, schedule a demo with our team. Join thousands of property management companies who have decided to utilize our world-class maintenance solution and streamline your maintenance process. 


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