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PMI Made Simple

Customer Since May 2019

PMI Made Simple is a full-service real estate asset management company that provides professional property management and real estate brokerage services. They offer high-quality property management services using state-of-the-art technology to keep owners informed of their investments while providing residents with real-time access to maintenance requests.


PMI Made Simple recently joined the Property Management Inc (PMI) franchise and has grown from 18 doors to over 120 doors. With steady growth, scaling over 100 units, came new challenges. The maintenance coordination process in their accounting system was not sustainable to their growing number of doors, so they knew they had to find something better.
Since implementing Property Meld, they spend less time coordinating maintenance and more time building their portfolio while challenging themselves to hit their KPIs (key performance indicators).

Accounting System
Door Count
Provo, UT

The Problem

Before Property Meld, Rodrigo Palacio, Assistant Property Manager at PMI Made Simple, was entirely consumed with maintenance coordination. He spent a lot of time chasing down invoices, on the phone, and gathering estimates for owners. While their accounting system had a built-in maintenance coordination system, it lacked specific capabilities like assigning vendors and allowing vendors to communicate with residents directly.

“Just to assign and schedule could take an hour or more. It was pretty challenging. We knew this would not be good enough for us as we grew,” said Palacio.

Enter Property Meld

With the power of Property Meld, PMI Made Simple’s repair speed has increased without picking up the phone. As a result, PMI Made Simple focuses more time on owner acquisition and portfolio growth.
During their weekly management meetings, Palacio and the team review their maintenance KPIs, Property Meld dashboard metrics, and areas they can improve.

One of the KPIs they are striving to improve is their speed of repair. They understand that fast repairs done correctly are a leading performance indicator of resident and owner satisfaction. Since implementing Property Meld, their overall repair speed on all repairs has increased, and so has their resident satisfaction.

  • Faster Maintenance
  • More Efficient
  • More Revenue

Speed of repair

Their overall speed of repairs has increased by 46%.

Ease of adoption

Palacio appreciates the ease of learning our software. “It is integrated with our previous system and really easy to learn. It’s intuitive, color-coded, and user friendly,” says Palacio.

Likewise, their owners appreciate the ease of learning and using the software. PMI Made Simple implements a simple training process to acquaint owners with the software. Routinely, they send a work order and an estimate request for owner approval.

"We are trying to meet our expectations in regards to (speed of repair) deadlines, and that has been the biggest improvement we have seen," Rodrigo Palacio.