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Stonelink Property Management

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Stonelink Property Management was started by three real estate investors self-managing their properties. Since 2016, the company has expanded its portfolio to over 1,700 properties in six years. Stonelink is dedicated to delivering the best results for its clients and a positive resident experience. They always aim to continue improving and pursue perfection for those they work with.


Internal technicians handle 97% of the maintenance work at Stonelink, so a maintenance solution that gives them superior documentation and the ability to track their technicians’ time is crucial. In 2022, they opted to join Property Meld after seeking a user-friendly solution that their technicians could readily learn and adopt.

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The Problem

Before Property Meld, Stonelink Property Management didn’t have a way to document completed repairs by their technicians. Technicians weren’t documenting the work or tracking the time spent at each job. This led to mishandled work orders, missed expenditures, and late invoices.

“We bill on a per property basis. So in one day a technician can visit five different properties. So it’s really important that they track their time from when they got to the property and when they left,” said Richard Zayas, Maintenance Manager at Stonelink.

It was also imperative to the team at Stonelink that they had uniformity across all technicians. All work logs were the same, owner billing looked similar, and all technicians followed the same process. To accomplish this, the team held one-on-one Property Meld training with each technician educating them on how to use the platform correctly.

“It was a lot of work tracing the steps back on what a technician did, and that is how we make money so it is really important,” said Zayas.

Enter Property Meld

When Stonelink Property Management started with Property Meld, they employed 10-15 technicians and now have a team of 30. All new technicians are trained to use Property Meld during their onboarding process.

“Everytime we hire someone I go one on one with them. I teach them how to properly document the work order, take pictures in the app, download it, etc. People that have an understanding of technology, it (Property Meld) is really easy for them to work with,” said Zayas.

Since implementing Property Meld, Stonelink Property Management has increased the number of jobs their technicians can complete daily.

“I’ve seen an incline in our technicians getting to more jobs once we implemented Property Meld, and the calendar was key in that. Allowing us to see how many hours they were taking at each job,” Zayas mentioned.

In addition to tracking the efficiency of their internal technicians, Stonelink also tracks the quality of their customer service by paying attention to resident reviews.

“Our customer service rating went up after creating Workflows in Property Meld. Implementing that communication is key to having good customer service. 60-70% of our Google ratings come from maintenance and a lot of them have to do with how effective the communication was and how quickly we got to the work order, said Zayas.

After implementing Workflows to help aid the communication process, Stonelink saw their average resident satisfaction rise from 4.1 to 4.6.

  • Faster Maintenance
  • More Efficient
  • More Revenue
  • Before Property Meld
  • After Property Meld
  • Resident Satisfaction 4.1
  • Resident Satisfaction 4.6

“The platform has been great when it comes to organizing the Melds, tagging them properly and getting them to the proper technician."

Dan Plascencia, Assistant Maintenance Manager