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T-Square Properties

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T-Square Properties was founded in 1996 to answer a need in the marketplace for high-quality, technology-driven, and cost-effective property management services in the Seattle area. Today, they have grown to manage hundreds of properties throughout King and Snohomish County, Washington.


T-Square Properties is devoted to providing the best property management service for its owners and residents. With Property Meld, they have been able to maximize the efficiency of their maintenance process while minimizing the daily manual tasks that once held them back from their fullest potential. As a result, they experience faster repair speeds, a staff capacity increase, and owner retention.

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The Problem

In recent years, T-Square Properties experienced exponential growth in its portfolio size. Throughout their growth, their philosophy of keeping their client’s needs first remain their priority. However, they realized that coordinating daily maintenance tasks were becoming a nuisance to their growth. Their current accounting software was not cutting it; it was very manual and required many hands in the experience to keep tasks from falling through the cracks. They previously connected with a team member from Property Meld to explore a better maintenance solution and decided to make a change.

Vanessa Rodriguez, Maintenance Manager at T-Square Properties, joined the company one year after Property Meld was implemented. Before, Rodriguez worked in Real Estate in Florida, where she learned extensive knowledge about property management and maintenance.

Rodriguez used multiple large property management accounting software systems, but she found they were all very hands-on. She recalled often going into the systems to coordinate repairs, adding vendors to work orders, and keeping records of conversations. “It was difficult just to do the work order, you have to call everyone all the time. You had to still be the middle-person at all times,” says Rodriguez.

At the time, she thought this was how it was supposed to be.

When she came on board, her company introduced her to Property Meld. At first, she was a bit hesitant because of her experience with other accounting systems, but quickly appreciated Property Meld's capabilities.

Enter Property Meld

Rodiguez shared how Property Meld is a game-changer to the maintenance coordination process. “It is great to communicate with everyone in just one platform, and not have to be jumping around in other systems, which before was very frustrating,” said Rodriguez.

A feature that Rodriguez loves using is the filters that help her quickly identify appliance repairs. Since the onset of COVID-19, it has become very difficult to order parts and appliances in a timely manner. “We can easily track appliance repairs, whereas, before it was very complicated to do any of that in other platforms,” says Rodriguez.

Rodriguez also appreciates the ease of adopting the software and Property Meld’s exceptional customer service. She knows the support team by first name, and always appreciates their prompt response to her questions. The combination of ease of use and quality customer service has allowed Rodriguez to use Property Meld to its fullest potential. She is very confident in her ability to use the software as a tool for continued growth.

  • Faster Maintenance
  • More Efficient
  • More Revenue

Owner Retention and Increased Portfolio Size

In the last two years, T-Square Properties started with 400 properties and has expanded to 575. By implementing Property Meld, Rodriguez and her team have been able to spend less time on pesky daily tasks, and more time on customer service for their owners. Rodriguez has recently noticed that single-family owners and multi-family investors need to have a unique approach when it comes to conversations and education on property maintenance and management.

As a result, she has designed a fool-proof system of assigning each coordinator to specific property types to keep every owner and investor satisfied, and continue to build their portfolio.

Increased Staff Capacity

With the tagging feature, Rodriguez has complete oversight of her teams’ workload. By having her employees tag themselves on projects, she can make quick observations so she has the ability to shift workloads between employees to avoid burnout. This has helped allow more time for her team to focus on fostering owner and investor relationships.

Once I realized I could do everything in one platform instead of relying on emails, phone calls, and chats, it was game-changing and saved so much time”

Vanessa Rodriguez, Maintenance Manager