Checklist: Fall Maintenance for Your Rental Properties

Summer is speeding by. The cool air is coming. ‘Tis the season for scheduling maintenance inspections and preparing your units for fall… and (dare we say?) winter months.  You’re expected to handle your day-to-day operations in addition to tracking down technicians to winterize equipment, line up snow removal, and check HVAC systems. We can already hear the crinkling of paper as you pull out last year’s manual checklists from your filing cabinet.

We understand the old way of doing things sounds much easier than looking for a smarter solution. We’re here to help — that’s why we curated this short list, with pro tips, to help keep track of your fall maintenance.

1. Exterior Maintenance

First and foremost, go outside and walk your properties while the weather is warm. You won’t want to do it when mittens or sweaters are required! Make sure your roofs are prime, gutters are clear, and sprinklers are winterized. Leaking roofs and frozen, cracked pipes result in costly repairs down the road.

Tip: Line up snow removal before other property management companies do. Don’t be surprised if last-minute requests to remove snow go unanswered! Plus, clear walkways and driveways are a must to avoid any legality of injured residents.

2. Interior Maintenance

Take a look inside your rental units and locate equipment and areas that need to be inspected. Make it a priority for your furnace and HVAC systems to be inspected right away to ensure they are in working order. Take a glance at doors and windows that have direct access to the outdoors to ensure they are sealed and in tip-top shape. The common areas like living spaces, bedrooms, and bathrooms may need attention, too — might as well check the paint and plumbing!

Tip: When is the last time you’ve checked the insulation in your properties? Freezing pipes bursting through the walls due to little or no insulation can be a disaster. Make a note to have them inspected prior to cooler months.

A Smarter Solution for Preventative Maintenance

With an extensive portfolio of units, are you having complete oversight and efficiency when it comes to fall maintenance? With a web-based maintenance solution, you can transition your preventative maintenance inspections into one location and set recurring inspections for every season.

Tip: If you’re using a property maintenance solution, you can easily customize maintenance requests (we like to call them Melds!) for every property and assign them to your vendors. From there, you can easily track the progress of the task.

At Property Meld, our dedicated Projects feature will help you save time and streamline your fall maintenance inspections. Utilize your internal staff and take a hold on your fall maintenance inspections. Let us help you before seasons change! See how we can help by requesting a demo!

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