Corrective Versus Preventive Property Maintenance

Corrective versus preventative maintenance
There are many ways to run a property maintenance program, but not all are successful. The strategy you choose to conduct your property maintenance will directly impact resident satisfaction, owner retention, and much more. At Property Meld, we call it “The Maintenance Butterfly Effect.” Property maintenance affects much more than just the quality of your assets, but also many aspects of your company’s operations. When choosing a maintenance strategy, it is vital to understand their differences. Two well known property maintenance strategies are corrective versus preventative maintenance. In this article, we will outline the key differences between the two. 

Corrective Maintenance

Property maintenance is done when a resident submits a work order or there is an equipment failure. 

It is unpredictable because you don’t know when maintenance issues will occur.

It can be costly when equipment failures happen.

It is performed at random times when residents have maintenance issues.

Owners will deal with costly maintenance repairs on their owner statements.

Corrective maintenance processes are less efficient and can lead to maintenance technicians spending time on mundane tasks like scheduling repairs with residents. 

It increases the workload for maintenance technicians.

It typically requires a more extensive maintenance staff.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance regularly schedules inspections and repairs to prevent more significant maintenance issues down the road.

By regularly inspecting your property’s assets, you can prepare for potential issues before they happen.

Initially, it can be more expensive, but you won’t have as many costly maintenance emergencies.

It is a regularly scheduled task performed by a maintenance team.

Your owners have better oversight, and you can give them a heads-up when an issue arises. 

You can increase efficiency and reduce employee downtime by scheduling preventative maintenance at regular intervals. 

It decreases the workload for maintenance technicians. 

You can get more done with a minor maintenance team.

Property Meld recommends a preventative maintenance strategy to help increase the life of your assets and increase your bottom line. To learn how Property Meld can help you implement a preventative maintenance process, schedule a demo with our team.

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