How Our Customers Improved Their Maintenance Process in One Year

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, at the end of the year, you’ll see companies (and individuals!) across the nation taking the time to look back at the past: personal and professional successes, failures, and milestones. You’ll find numerous “year-in-review” emails, blogs, articles, Instagram stories, and Tik Tok videos. Guilty. We did it, too.

But, what you don’t always see is a company to take the time to look back at their customer’s successes and achievements. At Property Meld, we strive to help property management companies succeed in maintenance and ultimately succeed in business. We’re proud to celebrate their growth and dedication in the property management industry.

We recognize the companies that made moves in December 2020, when most companies were hesitant to start something new before the New Year. And how has implementing a web-based solution into their maintenance process paid off? Well, we’ll let the numbers speak for themselves…Improve Maintenance with Property Meld

More Efficient than Last Year

It was the week of Christmas when we spoke with Blue Canyon Property Management in 2020. Even better, they insisted on implementing prior to the New Year. Hot Toddy, we’re impressed by their average completion speed now!

  • Then: 25.7 Days — When Blue Canyon first jumped on the journey with us at Property Meld, they saw an average of 25.7 days to complete a work order request. They were getting their feet wet in the new platform, and the streamlined process was just beginning!
  • Now: 4 Days — Yes, that isn’t a typo. From the day a maintenance request is submitted to the day the repair is complete, it now takes Blue Canyon an average of 4 days. Mind you; they are a 200 door company. Now that’s fast!

We offer praise to The Horvay Group, too. They investigated Property Meld at the beginning of December 2020, hoping to kick off their new smart maintenance solution by January 1, 2021. They were eager to get started, and we made it possible! What a change a year can make. Check out how their completion speed has improved:

  • Then: 31.1 Days — The Horvay Group started off on good footing and quickly noticed a change in their completion speed after implementing Property Meld. 31.1 days needed some significant improvement, though.
  • Now: 3.8 Days — How fast is lightning speed?! When it comes to completing a Meld, this company has figured it out now! By November 2021, their 200 door company averaged a completion speed of 3.8 days for a single work order.

Maintenance Issues Completed by Month

Your company can complete more maintenance issues faster when completion speeds are faster. With more maintenance issues completed, you’ll notice a nice positive swell to your bottom-line. According to our data, that’s what we saw with Blue Canyon Property Management and The Horvay Group.

Watch out, competitors. Check out how many work orders Blue Canyon can crush now:

  • Then: 28 Completed Work Orders — At the beginning of 2021, repairs took an average of 25.7 days in one month. Which meant fewer work orders were being repaired in the month of January.
  • Now: 80 Completed Work Orders — By the end of 2021, Blue Canyon saw 80 completed maintenance requests in November. Faster repairs mean more resolved issues in a single month. We bet you can imagine what that did to their bottom line with that nice markup.

With The Horvay Group, there was a similar trend:

  • Then: 25 Completed Work Orders — January was the start of something, but greatness was about to endure. With an average of 31.1 days to complete a maintenance request in one month, it was a slow start for the number of issues being repaired.
  • Now: 42 Completed Work Orders — By the end of 2021, they saw a significant increase in completed work orders when their average speed of repair improved. 42 completed maintenance requests in a single month in November was huge!

To say we are proud to have customers thrive with our web-based smart maintenance solution is an understatement. Our customers have seen great maintenance success this past year, and we are honored to be a part of their story.

Request a demo and see how Property Meld can be a part of your property management company’s maintenance success story in 2022.

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