Leverage Our Data and Kick Some Maintenance Ass This Year!

You may have heard us touting the importance of the correlation between the speed of completion and resident satisfaction.

We’ve also preached about how resident satisfaction is essential to growth and how a healthy utilization rate is key to having a profitable property management business. But have you stopped and given much thought to what this all means to your process?

We have gathered data on millions of service issues over the years and want to put it to good use for you. Our maintenance obsessed team can walk you through a dynamic calculation that will teach your team to leverage data you need to move the right needles and start 2021 off with a bang.

Leverage data to learn:

    • How your average time to repair correlates to your statistical resident satisfaction.
    • Your current staffing utilization rate.
    • Your potential door capacity with current staffing.
    • What revenue opportunities exist, and what levers you can pull.

CLICK HERE to schedule your demo. Our team will walk through your process and pair it with our data to give you the edge you need to kick some significant maintenance ass in 2021.

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