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Here is the first in the series by Michael McCreary of McCreary Realty Management, Inc.:

A long time ago in the early 1980’s, we upgraded our maintenance request with a McBee “One Write” Pegboard/ledger card system and thought that we had really arrived! It was really cool, you had a master ledger sheet on the mainboard and each property had its own ledger card. You laid the property ledger card aligning it on the next open line of the master ledger sheet and then laid on top of that the actual work order slip. All very cool and high tech for the times.

Fast forward to the last decade of the last century and we adopted our first PC network (remember Gateway PC’s and the cow spotted boxes?) and with it a new property management software that included a work order module! Space Age Tech was now in our little office! No more paper ledger card system, it was all in the PC network now!

Fast forward to the 2nd decade of the 21st century and we were still living with 20-year-old technology for maintenance coordination.

Enters Property Meld! I was skeptical at first, after all, our 20-year-old technology worked just fine. We got work orders, scheduled vendors, tenants and paid bills. What else did we need? Why would we pay more for something that we already had and didn’t even interface with our PM software, Property Boss??

As it occurs in football, “After Further Review …”, I discovered what all the fuss was really about … REAL-TIME communication with all stakeholders! I sat down with my staff and we examined how Meld really worked and how we could go about integrating it into our lives.

Once they learned about Meld and that it did so much more than what we have been using for 2 decades, features such as: Automated Scheduling, Real-Time communication, reminders, status updates, follow-ups, performance tracking, and feedback that can turn into positive online reviews, the decision was unanimous … “Michael get us Property Meld!” I could hear the chants … Meld! Meld! Meld! as I walked back into my office to get Meld for our company!

Its been over 6 months since we went live with Meld and it has been a life-altering experience for all of us. I thought that being outside of our PM software was going to be an issue, but it has been a complete NON-issue. We have learned so much more about how our contractors were working. We knew we had great contractors, but with the feedback from our tenants, we now have proof with a 4.5 average rating!

Kellie, our Maintenance Coordinator has repeatedly thanked us for making her life easier with acquiring Property Meld. Her favorite things about using Meld is the Real-Time communication with the contractors and tenants as well as being able to copy in a property owner if needed. No more copying and pasting from one e-mail to the other. All of the communication is in one place, including photos and documents.

All in all, the process has been smooth, the cost reasonable and customer service experience with the team that Property Meld has assembled, has been outstanding! I believe I can hear the CEO all the way from South Dakota shouting “Melders Assemble” to his staff every morning!

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