One Lousy Turnover Process Can Wipe Out An Entire Year’s Worth Of Profit

The clock is ticking, turnover season is about to commence. You know the drill. 80% of residents move in and out over the summer months. Are you ready for this uptick in your turnover process?

If not, your team will be scrambling to keep track of the painters, cleaners, and repairs while keeping a grasp of daily business operations. With basic spreadsheets and turn boards, the horror of things falling through the cracks can be your reality when you are left to manage turns.

If that isn’t enough to endure, it’s impossible to have a comprehensive view of how much time and resources are going into each turn. For these three long months, your growth ambitions take a back seat as you try to keep your head above water.

In conclusion, you can’t afford to leave your turnover process to spreadsheets and whiteboards in this competitive property management market. Here is how Property Meld can help your turnover process!

So, by utilizing our property maintenance software, you are back in control with complete oversight over all your turnovers, rehabs, and mitigation projects in one place.


turnover example

Automatically receive summaries of time tracking, expenditures, and invoices on each project in real-time.


turnover example

With best-in-class communication tools, you can engage vendors, team members, and owners all in one place for each turn. Your company will exceed efficiency and speed up your turn process.

Let us help you position your company a league above your competition! Schedule a demo with one of our maintenance-obsessed representatives today and master this year’s turn season.

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