Property Meld Partners with Evernest

March 8, 2022 – Property Meld announced today that Evernest, one of the nation’s largest brokerage and management services for single-family and small multifamily properties, will join over 800 property management companies on their property maintenance platform.   


“We are looking forward to partnering with Evernest as they play a key role in pushing the industry forward and continue to leverage maintenance to maximize NOI for their customers,” said Ray Hespen, CEO and Co-founder of Property Meld.

“They are a great organization that we are lucky to call customers – they truly are moving the needle in the rental industry.”   


The partnership will allow Evernest to leverage an intelligent maintenance platform to manage maintenance in over 7,000 rental homes across the country.     


“We’ve always been big believers in investing in the next technology leap that creates better outcomes for our clients,” said Matthew Whitaker, CEO of Everest.

“We want our residents happy, and we want our investors to see the best returns. We believe this next wave of innovation will further solidify Evernest as a leader in the markets we serve.”


About Property Meld  
Property Meld is a smart maintenance solution for property managers that provides efficiency and oversight for all your key players. From scheduling to follow-up, we streamline your entire maintenance process giving you the ability to manage more with less. It’s time to increase revenue and resident satisfaction with Property Meld.

Want to see why HomeRiver Group chose Property Meld? Learn more and request a demo to see how our web-based platform can help streamline your maintenance process.

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