Recession-proof Your Maintenance Operations

Recession-proof your business


We all know it’s coming. CNBC CFO experts say there is a 68% chance of a recession by 2023.

Economic downturns create uncertainty with cash flow. Owners and investors grow concerned about their property investments. When strapped for cash, you must make tough decisions, like laying-off staff.

Despite these concerns, the property management industry has historically proven to do well in a volatile economy. In fact, it is an opportunity to grow your company portfolio. But, with more properties comes with more maintenance.

It’s critical to be confident in your Net Operating Income (NOI) – or it could be costly.

So, what is the crucial step to ensure your property management company is ‘recession-proof’?

By systemizing your operations and reducing future maintenance costs down the road.


Here are the benefits of systemizing your maintenance operations to recession-proof your company.

1. Increases resident satisfaction and reduces turnover.

It’s essential to build a strong resident satisfaction experience with positive maintenance. Turnovers are time-consuming and costly – between $1,000—$2,500 per unit! And, with the recession, this can pose a threat to your ability to fill vacant units. That means more time and resources to spend on acquiring new residents.


2. Powerful workflows automate your maintenance process so you can be more efficient.

Lack of oversight and control of the maintenance process is already a major problem in the industry, and this problem will worsen when having to make staff cuts.

Alternatively, if your company experiences exponential growth and takes on hundreds of new properties, you need to be prepared to effectively and efficiently manage all these properties.

Whichever way you look at it, your staff will be at a limited capacity, so it’s time to automate any mundane tasks that are wasting valuable company time. Imagine being able to handle 1,000+ units with just one maintenance coordinator. Then, your staff can focus on revenue-generating tasks.


3. Reduce future costs down the road with preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the reality of a successful future property management company. If you already have workflows built through our powerful software solution, then it’s time to start implementing preventative maintenance tasks. It’s simple, start by scheduling simple preventative tasks like HVAC system inspections and replacing HVAC air filters every quarter.


Streamlining and automating your maintenance process will be key to recession-proof your company in 2023.

The reality is that no investment is completely recession-proof, and economic downturns are an inevitable part of investing. If you want to be successful, you need to prepare for any contingencies that may impact your operations. That means becoming proficient in software that can increase your operational efficiency by 80%.

By preparing your maintenance operations in 2022, you can ensure that your process is automated and running at maximum efficiency by 2023.

Be prepared. See how we can work together by seeing a demo.



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