What Is Smart Maintenance and Why We’re the Real Deal

We’re hearing the chatter around smart maintenance and the importance of implementing the strategy into your daily operations to save time and money. We’re flattered our solution has been a conversation starter for property management companies and their accounting systems.

It’s a hot topic and we understand why. Our web-based solution is the real “smart maintenance”. Some property managers we speak to believe their current accounting system is capable of smart maintenance — or at least their PM system is stating it is. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but we don’t want you to believe in the fairy tale. Allow us to help make the stars align.

Smart maintenance is how we define our intelligent web-based solution. Our platform helps property management companies, just like you, overcome obstacles in the maintenance process and coordinate all the key players in one location. With this solution, you have full transparency and oversight of every single work order — your residents, vendors, technicians, and owners all have access. Direct communication with documented and time-stamped messaging provides complete transparency for residents, vendors, and owners in the process. Maintenance requests can be quickly scheduled and completed with ease while eliminating the middle man (which may be you!). You’re in control (and can view real-time statuses and track progress) with the powerful oversight our platform provides.

We Are Smart Maintenance.

Let’s talk about utilizing your existing account system. Do you have full transparency of every work order? Does your process still lack efficiency? Simply texting through a single work order is not considered a smart maintenance solution. You shouldn’t have to manually review all of your work orders to make sure they are getting completed either. There should be less legwork with better results — are you noticing any shift to your bottom line? What about the ability to scaling your business with the same coordinator?

We’re here to tell you that there is only one smart maintenance solution that you can count on for your work orders: Property Meld. Our web-based solution eliminates mundane tasks and replaces them with an automated, streamlined process to not only empower your staff and residents but allow you to focus on what matters most. Spend time on your business, not in the business. Did we mention Property Meld can be implemented with many accounting systems — one that you may be using? We’ll take care of maintenance, they can take care of the other stuff.

See how our smart maintenance solution can work for your property management company by requesting a demo. You’ll learn why thousands of property management companies choose our web-based solution to streamline their maintenance process.


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