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Tenant Turnover Checklist

Make your make ready process less complicated with our tips and bonus turnover checklist!    As a property manager, tenant turnover is inevitable. There will always be reasons why your tenants decide to move out of your property and not renew their lease. While the turnover process is time-consuming, creating a tenant turnover checklist can […]

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Checklist: A Quick Guide for Maintenance Coordination

What does your traditional maintenance process look like this time of year? Are you manually scheduling maintenance requests and assuming your residents and vendors communicate efficiently?  Is this how you’ve always done it? We’ll bear with you, it’s hard to break the cycle. That’s why we created this maintenance checklist — to help you manually […]

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The Secret Sauce to a Successful Maintenance Process

Running a profitable, successful property management business isn’t an easy task. When you analyze your bottom line, is maintenance the most significant challenge? Your traditional maintenance process is “mild” compared to this hot market. The spreadsheets, constant phone calls, and the back and forth scheduling are overwhelming and bland. We’ll let you in on a […]

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