Let’s Dig into Our Top Melds

Let’s take a look at what residents have encountered, and what has literally broken down in the world of property maintenance.
The top five Meld categories we experience year round:
#1 . Appliances
Appliances includes all major items such as refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, dishwashers, and all related items. Things break down, and given the many moving parts of appliances, this number one isn’t too surprising. Besides, who wants to wash dishes by hand or do laundry in the bathtub?
#2. Plumbing
Water related maintenance issues are the number two meld of the year. Pipes, water, faucets, and clogged drains all need to be in proper working order for residents to be happy (and hygienic, very important).
#3. HVAC
Heating and cooling systems are notorious for breaking down at inopportune times. Generally it is when they are in heavy use and the system comes under strain of use, either in the middle of a summer heat wave, or a freezing cold spell in the winter.
#4. Electrical
Electrical systems can be very complex and have many variable elements, especially when it comes to aging properties. Power surges, storms, and even tenant stress/strain on the grid can all have a big impact on your electric system.
#5. Doors
While this one seems an interesting number five in comparison to the top four, it is probably one of the most used items in a residence. Locks malfunction, hinges wear, and if something settles or jostles and becomes out of square…well, doors will not close properly.
The top five melds total thousands of repairs. That’s hundreds of thousands of phone calls that did not have to be made thanks to streamlined maintenance.
We get it, things break and need to be fixed. Don’t let that slow you down this year.  Get in touch and see if Property Meld is right for you!
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