Focus on what matters most. Automate the rest.

Shift your focus to higher priority tasks while Automated Workflows prioritizes, and oversees your maintenance process. By automating and enforcing your standard operating procedures, you’ll eliminate mundane tasks, extra work, and room for error. Your efficiency will improve by completing maintenance tasks faster and flawlessly.


Watch our LIVE Lunch & Launch webinar that focused on automating maintenance with workflows.

It’s time to break up with manual tasks with Automated Workflows.

Get together with Workflows. Integrate task automation into your maintenance process when you implement Property Meld.

How will Automated Workflows work for me?

Property Managers have great processes, but as humans, mistakes are inevitable. By setting pre-configured workflows for common use cases and creating customized workflows for anticipated processes, you’ll see how automation can handle the most time-consuming procedures. The possibilities are endless.

Below are some customized automated workflows our customers have already enabled.

Garbage Disposal Repair

When a resident submits a work order containing the keywords “garbage disposal” or “garbage disposer”, an auto-reply of triage instructions will initiate.

Close Work Order Due to Unresponsive Resident

If a resident is unresponsive after 48 hours of a work order submission, the request will close automatically.

Request Vendor Invoice

Once a work order is completed, an auto-reply will be sent to the vendor requesting an invoice.

How It Works

Create a Workflow

Easily automate how your work orders behave by choosing a preset workflow or creating your own.

Create a Trigger

If you choose to create your own workflow, you’ll add a trigger event. Triggers are actions that prompt your workflow to go to work for you.

Set a Condition

Set a condition or multiple conditions based on your trigger event.

Set an Action

Choose what happens in the platform once a set of conditions and delays are met.