Collecting estimates is easier than ever.

Introducing Property Meld’s newest Estimates Feature. With this tool, you can easily create estimates for one or more vendors from a single maintenance request. You can collect details to perform the necessary work requirements in one single location.

Why estimates will work for you.

Property Managers often require one or more estimates on a maintenance request. When you use our Estimates tool, you can easily create and approve estimates within a single work order from multiple vendors.

How does it work?

Resident Submits Maintenance Request

Your resident will login to Property Meld to submit a work order.

Create an Estimate Request

From the original Meld, you can create an estimate for one or more vendors. Optional deadlines can be specified to receive an estimate, too.

Vendors Gather Information

Vendors can chat and schedule visits with the resident about the work order prior to submission. From there, they can submit their detailed quote for the job.

Property Manager Reviews Estimate

If the amount is less than NTE (Not-to-Exceed), they'll approve one estimate. If the amount is greater than NTE, the property manager can forward it to the owner for approval.

Maintenance Request Assigned to Vendor

Once an estimate is approved, the vendor is instantly assigned to the work order.

Other Estimates Close Automatically

Once an estimate is accepted, other vendors are notified automatically.

Enter Estimates into your maintenance process.

Improve efficiency and resolve maintenance requests quicker with Property Meld’s Estimates feature. You’ll see results as resident satisfaction, retention, and renewals increase.