Take care of your owners by promoting additional services.

PropertyCare+ is a feature that enables property managers to promote preventative programs and services within our Owner Hub. Typically, owners sign annual agreements that state certain services will be performed under the property management company. Now, property owners can opt-in to annual, monthly, and bi-weekly services in one system.

How will this work for me and my owners?

For Property Managers

Not only provide exceptional service to your owners but relieve workload during busy months and increase the number of eyes on your units.

For Property Owners

Extend the life of property assets and reduce expensive maintenance costs by proactively undertaking recurring maintenance.


As a Property Meld customer, below are a few examples of services you can implement right away.

HVAC Inspection

Annual Service

Allow property owners to opt-in to your Annual HVAC Inspection service. Extend the life of the equipment and reduce costly emergency repairs.

Lawn Mowing Service

Bi-Weekly Service

A well-kept exterior landscape for properties is an expectation of property managers. Provide a bi-weekly service so your owners know you’re on top of the growth.

Sprinkler Blowouts

Annual Service

Before the freezing winter season, it’s critical to blowout your property’s sprinkler system.  Incorporate an annual service to prevent water freezing inside the pipes which could cause damage.

The solution to treating your owners like royalty.

See what PropertyCare+ can do for you. Incorporate additional services to your property owners by extending the life of property assets and reducing expensive maintenance costs.