It's time to capitalize on your biggest missed opportunity.

With Property Meld, property maintenance is positive, predictable and profitable.

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Dive Deeper Into the Process

Stop letting maintenance hold you back.

You know the drill. A work order is created and the process begins. Somewhere between missed calls, forgotten emails, and lost sticky notes, a two-day request turns into a stale two-week embarrassment. Repairs are delayed, residents are pissed and owners are turning to you competitors. A problematic process is negatively affecting your bottom line and you can’t get ahead.

Get a grip on your maintenance process needs. Get Property Meld.

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The low-down on Property Meld.

Scheduling So Simple Even Your Mom Can Do It

No one wants to take the time to learn another software. That's why we've made it simple. Our web-based platform is user-friendly, so work orders are scheduled and completed in record time. In fact, 85% of maintenance requests are scheduled in 4 minutes or less with Property Meld.

The Communication Solution You've Been Dreaming About

Our one-of-a-kind solution has a real-time impact on your ability to provide best-in-class customer service. Keep all key players in the know with lightning-fast scheduling, automated reminders, owners approvals, and more. Texts and emails are logged. And magically, repairs are completed.

Intelligent Maintenance with Smart Response Alerts

Gain the oversight you need in real-time. Keep an accurate pulse on the health of your maintenance operation. When a repair is assigned in Property Meld, you’ll know. When the repair team is on the way, Property Meld will text you.

Relationships Built on Trust

Maintenance is one of the most significant friction points between you and your property owners. A relationship built on stressful conversations and a lack of trust aren't sustainable. Maintenance is the #1 reason property owners churn, but Property Meld's Owner Hub creates an experience too good to leave.

Don’t leave resident retention to chance. Save time. Save money. Scale with Property Meld.

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