Let's face it. Maintenance isn't sexy, but with Property Meld it is.

Property Meld streamlines your entire maintenance process in its smart maintenance hub.

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Dive Deeper Into the Process

Stop wasting time on property maintenance.

You know the drill. A work order is created and the process begins. Somewhere between missed calls, forgotten emails, and lost sticky notes, a two-day request turns into a stale two-week embarrassment. Repairs are delayed, residents are upset, and your bottom line takes a hit with turnover.

Get a grip on your maintenance process needs. Get Property Meld.

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The low-down on Property Meld.


Get on the same page with your residents. And fast. Property Meld streamlines coordination with all needed parties so repairs are scoped and scheduled without having to pick up the phone.


Texting isn’t new. But a texting capability to all key players in the repair process is. Enjoy a central hub for all communication. Texts are logged. Emails are noted. And magically, repairs are completed.

Smart Response Alerts

It’s time we take the guessing game out of maintenance. When a repair is assigned in Property Meld, you’ll know. When the repair team is on the way, Property Meld will text you.

Resident Satisfaction

With Property Meld you’ll stay in the loop from beginning to end. Residents will know when the job is done and then, for good measure, we’ll send out a survey to ensure their expectations were met.

Don’t leave resident retention to chance. Save time. Save money. Scale with Property Meld.

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