Keep Technicians on the Job. Not on the Road.

Minimize travel time and reduce trip charges by enabling your maintenance coordinators to plan routes for your internal technicians based on location. Have multiple work orders within a few blocks of one another? Knock them both out with one technician or a third-party vendor with Nearby Melds.

When you have quicker repair times and the potential for increased revenue, you’ll keep residents happy and investors happier.

Curb Road Time with Nearby Melds.

Help your maintenance team tackle more repairs in less time by helping plan their repair route with Property Meld.

Save money, boost efficiency

Ensure every minute contributes to your bottom line by improving tech utilization rate. By assigning work orders within minutes or miles from each other, more work is done in less time.

Why maintenance coordinators love it

With the capability to organize an internal technician’s schedule based on the proximity of work orders, they can optimize their routes for increased efficiency. This minimizes driving time, allowing them to dedicate more time to completing repairs and reducing trip charges.

Why internal technicians love it

With more efficient repair routes, internal technicians can tackle more work in less time. Eliminating confusion on their day-to-day assignments while getting jobs done faster.