The work order is a thing of the past.

Efficiently communicate to coordinate with all key players in the maintenance process in one, user friendly web-based platform.

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Dive Into the Process

Step 1

Resident submits
a Meld.

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Step 2

tech / vendor.

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Step 3

Tech / vendor
accepts Meld.

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Step 4

owner's approval.

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Step 5

approves Meld.

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Step 6

Job is

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Step 7

Send satisfaction

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Who does this benefit?

Property Management

With automated satisfaction requests... Most of them are not doing any follow up so the negative reviews are left to chance and left on third party sites where they lose control over the situation.

Your Residents

Your residents should be confident your repair needs are heard. With Property Meld, residents will know when repairs are scheduled to take place and when they’re complete.

Your Internal Technicians

Is your internal maintenance process making you money or costing you? Our smart maintenance solution is proven to increase tech utilization by at least 38%.

Your Vendors

Time is money. With Property Meld, your vendors will be able to focus their time on the things that will make them more money. With simple communication and invoice submission with each job.

Your Property Owners

Share the key benefits of Property Meld with your owners. Our Owner Hub was designed to provide your owners with the best maintenance oversight in the industry.

It’s time for something better. It’s time to meld.

When you meld, you combine all key players (resident, vendor, technician, and property management) into a single effort, all joining on one platform. Streamline communication, simplify coordination, ensure the job is done right and all parties are happy.

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