A smarter way to coordinate property maintenance.

Founded on solving property maintenance problems, Property Meld empowers property managers to deliver a positive maintenance experience. Our cloud-based platform gives you complete control over maintenance requests. With access to real-time data and communication, you can finally say goodbye to maintenance headaches and hello to profitability.

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5 Simple Steps To A More Efficient Maintenance Process

Ready to Meld?

Resident Submits a Meld
Maintenance Team Will Assign Meld
Vendor or Technician Accepts Meld
Request for Owner Approval
Meld is Completed

You know the drill.

A work order is created… Somewhere between missed calls, forgotten emails, and lost sticky notes, a two-day request turns into a stale two-week embarrassment. Repairs are delayed, residents are upset, and your bottom line takes a hit with turnover.

If you’re ready for something better,  let’s talk maintenance.

Who We Benefit

  • Property
  • Owners
  • Residents
  • Vendors
    & Technicians

You Can
Expect ➞

  • 75 Drop in Call Volume
  • 60 Decrease in Wasted Time
  • 87 Higher Resident Satisfaction
  • 38 Increase in Tech Usage