The way property maintenance should be.

A solution for property management companies that coordinates all the key players with efficiency and oversight.

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Reality check.
Your maintenance process is broken.

  • You’ve wasted time tracking down vendors and residents.
  • Your mundane maintenance tasks consume the day.
  • Your requests are falling through the cracks.

We Don't Do Work Orders. We do Melds.

What used to take a week, now only takes days.

It's time for something better.
It's time to meld.

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It’s time to take the guessing game out of maintenance. Property Meld gives you and your team the oversight and control you've all been missing.


Get on the same page with your residents. And fast. Property Meld streamlines coordination with all needed parties so repairs are scoped and scheduled without having to pick up the phone. 80% of maintenance requests are scheduled in 4 minutes or less with Property Meld.

Communication Hub

Texting isn’t new. But a texting capability to all key players in the repair process is. Enjoy a central hub for all communication. Texts are logged. Emails are noted. And magically, repairs are completed.

Resident Satisfaction

With Property Meld you’ll stay in the loop from beginning to end. Residents will know when the job is done and then, for good measure, we’ll send out a survey to ensure their expectations were met. Property management companies experience an average of 87% increase in resident satisfaction with Property Meld.

Turns Made Easy

Our Projects feature makes turnboards a thing of the past. The average turn takes 4 days with Property Meld by keeping the entire project on track and on budget.

Owner Hub

Eliminate owner confusion by providing your owners with the right amount of maintenance oversight. Our Owner Hub feature allows your owners to see all their investments in one centralized location while streamlining approvals and communication with you and your team.

How will we benefit you?

Cost Reduction

Once vendors, property management and residents use Property Meld, they’ll enjoy a 60% decrease in needed time to schedule and complete work requests.

Simple Communication

Repairs aren’t hard. And with Property Meld, neither is coordination. Simplify communication with Property Meld and ensure all repairs are quickly completed.

Business Scalability

Property Meld takes the guesswork out of property maintenance. As a result, retention improves, residents stay longer, and your business will grow.

Powerful Oversight

Our intelligent maintenance hub allows you to watch real-time statuses, track progress, and have the documentation you need for a more efficient process.

Property maintenance is inevitable but a negative experience doesn't have to be.

A leaky faucet or the HVAC system not working is part of the business. And so is how fast and how well you get things fixed. Maintenance is the #1 controllable financial impact on your bottom line. In fact, 31% of residents say maintenance was a factor in not renewing a lease.

Be smart. Get Property Meld.

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  • 75 Drop in call volume
  • 60 Decrease in wasted time
  • 87 Higher resident happiness
  • 38 Increase in tech usage

Who does this benefit?

Property Management

With automated satisfaction requests... Most of them are not doing any follow up so the negative reviews are left to chance and left on third party sites where they lose control over the situation.


Be confident your repair needs are heard and managed by your property manager. Know when your repairs are scheduled to take place and when they’re complete.


Is your internal maintenance process making you money or costing you? Our smart maintenance solution is proven to increase tech utilization by at least 38%.


Time is money. And with Property Meld you’ll be able to focus your time on the things that will make you more money. Simplify communication and invoice submission with each job.


Share the key benefits of Property Meld with your owners. Our Owner Hub was designed to provide your owners with the best maintenance oversight in the industry.