Better maintenance with less headaches

Property Meld is the smartest maintenance solution in your toolbox.

Introducing a property maintenance software designed for property managers and their teams to kick maintenance in the nuts… and bolts.

Property maintenance software that's a win for all your stakeholders

Melding all key players together in one powerful maintenance solution to ensure world-class outcomes for all parties involved.

Illustration of Property Meld stakeholders that can use the maintenance software.
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When maintenance sucks

Outdated property maintenance processes can backlog your pipeline, risking profit, resident and investor retention, and your team’s mental health.

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Let's fix it

From submission to follow-up, we “Meld” all critical members involved in the maintenance process, addressing inefficiencies in communication, scheduling, and staffing while enhancing resident satisfaction and owner retention.

But really... Why Meld?

Improve resident renewal rate

Increase tech efficiency

Lower maintenance costs

Increased repair speeds

North America's #1 property maintenance solution

From Gen Z to Boomers, residents and vendors alike love using Property Meld. And we know it because we have a 90% resident adoption rate.

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Manual tasks eliminated
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In repairs completed
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Some of the largest property management companies trust Property Meld as their property maintenance solution.

Ready to Meld?

Witness firsthand how Property Meld is the key to removing your company’s most daunting maintenance challenges.