Start the New Year and Leave Maintenance Challenges Behind

Welcome to the world of Property Meld, a software designed for property management professionals ready to transform their maintenance process by making data-driven decisions to increase productivity and lower maintenance costs.

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The Future Frontier of Work Order Management

Gone are the days of inefficient manual processes, blind decision-making, and crunchy conversations about maintenance spend with investors. Property Meld levels up maintenance coordination by combining maintenance analytics unlike any other platform and customized, user-defined automation.


Property Meld is the Powerful Partner You Need

From submission to follow-up, and everything in between, we “Meld” all critical members involved in the maintenance process and illuminate inefficiencies with data to solve the significant drags in property maintenance; communication, scheduling, staff efficiency, follow-up, resident satisfaction, and owner retention.

What We Do

Dedicated to solely optimizing maintenance, Property Meld is partnered with the top accounting software.

“We are now much more able to respond to residents quickly, keep owners updated and in the loop, and have internal discussions — between maintenance coordinators and property managers — related to specific projects.”

Steven Shannon, Principal at Shannon Property Management

What Happens When Maintenance Takes a Back Seat?

When maintenance takes a back seat and operational inefficiencies are ignored, your business’s overall health is jeopardized. Maintenance is the least optimized, yet most controllable budget item for property managers and is the number one factor of resident turnover after rent increases.

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