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Our robust property maintenance software is proven to improve repair speed, resident satisfaction and communication, while keeping maintenance costs low.

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Our customizable automation is transforming maintenance.

Manual maintenance tasks are bogging down the industry. By streamlining maintenance with our customizable automation, we’re freeing up more time for property managers to focus on what matters most.


Oversight and control is the key to providing quality customer service.

Real-time operational metrics, next-level communication tools, and automated troubleshooting is just the tip of the iceberg of what our powerful software can provide.

Property Meld is the maintenance solution property management companies have been waiting for.


Gone are the days of inefficient manual processes that waste time and money.  When you’re no longer playing the middleman you can focus on keeping residents happy and property owners satisfied with quick repairs and low maintenance costs.

With our specialized maintenance solution, property managers across North America leverage property maintenance as their most significant opportunity for financial growth and operational efficiency.


With Property Meld, you can experience...

Increase in Operational Efficiency with Maintenance Automation

Workers spend 520 hours a year on repetitive tasks. With our new automation tool, you can automate your standard operating procedures. Improving your efficiency and eliminating tasks that bog down your maintenance team.

Complete Oversight with Real Time Efficiency Metrics

Maintenance is one of the most costly aspects of property management due to its unpredictability. By setting goals, you can evaluate your maintenance process. Property Meld’s dashboard shows you real-time information, including average repair time, resident satisfaction, and other vital benchmarks.

Improve Owner Retention with Customizable Owner Hub

One of the main reasons owners churn is due to poor maintenance processes. The last thing your owners want is a costly repair invoice on their owner statement. With our customizable Owner Hub, you can keep your owners in the loop with streamlined communication.

Best-in-Class Communication

Lack of communication leads to missed or lost work orders, upset residents, and a slow average repair time. With our maintenance software, residents, vendors, and property owners can access direct messaging, scheduling capabilities, and automated alerts in one place.

With Property Meld

  • 75 Less phone calls
  • 80 Decrease in time wasted
  • 87 Higher resident satisfaction
  • 38 Increase in tech usage
See how Property Meld can reduce manual tasks and increase operational efficiency.

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“Resident review scores have gone up, and employee turnover has gone to zero because the job is less stressful.”

Matthew Flewelling, Property Manager at Beaufort Rentals

Accounting System: Rent Manager, 717 Units Managed

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