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Turn your inefficient process into a well-oiled machine

While many maintenance solutions track average repair speeds, Property Meld takes it further, allowing property managers to track segmented cycle times to see precisely where bottlenecks occur. Gain insight into jobs per day, speed to schedule, and speed to assign.

Man happy with increasing scheduling efficiency with automation
eliminate scheduling challenges and playing middleman

Tired of having "Middle Man" in your job description?

Many property managers and maintenance coordinators spend hours every day coordinating and scheduling work orders. Despite this immense time commitment, they are still facing significant issues with resident satisfaction, increasing repair speeds, and maintenance backlog.

Embrace automated scheduling to simplify your routine

We know you have much more pressing things to do with your time than play scheduling assistant for your vendors and residents. With our best-in-class maintenance data you can view scheduling speeds on a per vendor, or technician, basis to see which people on your team need to speed things up.

Graphs of resident and vendor scheduling.
Happy resident with improved scheduling repair times.

Understanding the importance of scheduling efficiency

Failing to fix bloated scheduling speeds will wreak havoc on your resident satisfaction which leads to increased investor churn. If you’re focusing on improving investor and resident retention, it all starts with scheduling work orders quickly.

Start scheduling in minutes, not hours