Turn Your Inefficient Process Into a Well-Oiled Machine

While many maintenance solutions track just average speed of repair, Property Meld takes it a step further, allowing property managers to track segmented cycle times to see exactly where bottlenecks are occurring. Gain insight into jobs per day, speed to schedule, and speed to assign.

Why Scheduling Efficiency is Crucial for Success

The amount of tradespeople in the industry is not increasing at the same rate as the demand, so property management companies must maximize their team to be as efficient as possible. If it takes days to schedule maintenance requests with vendors or technicians, you’ll face significant issues with resident satisfaction and backlog. 


Improve Scheduling Efficiency

Schedule in Minutes, Not Days

Improve scheduling efficiency by evaluating the throughput of your maintenance team. Property Meld allows you to track jobs per day for both internal techs and third-party vendors. By monitoring the duration between a resident’s submission and the completion of a repair, you can identify potential factors that are causing delays in scheduling. 


The Consequences of Poor Scheduling Efficiency

Failing to fix poor scheduling will wreak havoc on your resident satisfaction which leads to high owner churn. When you find a way to increase your maintenance output with the same amount of resources, you’ll improve your bottom line. But, if you don’t have a comprehensive understanding of each part of the repair process, this will be nearly impossible to do. 


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