See the power of Property Meld with a personalized demo

Get a hands-on look at how Property Meld eliminates maintenance obstacles, providing a better solution for your team while increasing retention.

What you’ll see:

  • How Property Meld facilitates engagement between all maintenance stakeholders

  • Robust scheduling tools, automating work orders to be scheduled in under 4 minutes

  • In-depth maintenance metrics not available on any other platform

  • How Property Meld increases efficiency up to 80% compared to your standard property maintenance solution

Our Solutions

Lady thinking about data increasing efficiency
Stop wasting time

Free your team from hours wasted on the phone, coordinating schedules, and troubleshooting work orders.

maintenance oversight and visibility
Increase oversight

Gone are the days of scheduling a work order and hoping for the best, or making crucial procedure changes based on assumptions.

Happy maintenance coordinators that use Property Meld.
Right-size the team

Delayed work orders lead to an increase in backlog and upset residents. Without the right-sized maintenance team you are setting yourself up for failure.

Happy property management investor with Property Meld.
Keep healthy relationships

Investors who are kept in the dark until they receive unexpected maintenance costs every month are likely to leave for one of your competitors.