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Frequently asked questions

Looking for answers about our software? We have compiled this list of frequently asked questions to provide more insight into our powerful maintenance solution and how it works.

Property Meld revolutionizes property maintenance, centralizing communication and automating tasks for efficiency and profitability.

Our dashboard offers a complete timeline of requests, ensuring prompt resolution and resident satisfaction. Residents submit requests and select repair times effortlessly. Managers automate job assignments, vendors communicate directly with residents, and real-time tracking enhances efficiency. Property Meld elevates operational efficiency, resident satisfaction, and saves time and money for residential property management companies.

Property maintenance is a key area for profitability in property management, yet it's often overlooked and unpredictable. That's why Property Meld is dedicated to addressing this challenge head-on. While property management software offers various tools like a Swiss Army Knife, when faced with a tree blocking the road, you need a chainsaw. Property Meld is that effective solution for property maintenance.

Property Meld is ideal for property management companies managing single and multi-family residential portfolios.

Property Meld is designed to help all key stakeholders involved in the maintenance process. Residents can easily submit maintenance issues, and are kept informed regarding the status of their work order. Vendors and technicians are able to communicate directly with residents to schedule maintenance, and increase productivity with automation.

Property managers and coordinators have complete oversight and visibility of all open work orders. Brokers and investors are able to easily approve maintenance costs and see how much is spent on maintenance projects.

Property Meld is integrated with top accounting softwares to eliminate working out of two systems. We are currently integration partners with AppFolio, Buildium, Rent Manager, and Propertyware.

Property Meld isn't just an app; it's web-based software. And now, it's even more accessible to vendors via their mobile phones! We've developed a Progressive Web Application for easy access, offering an improved app-like experience with full-screen mode and access to device features like camera and location.

The app is live now, and vendors can start downloading it.

No, Property Meld's goal is to eliminate maintenance calls, so your team isn't spending hours on the phone dealing with maintenance-related issues. Our software has helped customers reduce their maintenance calls by 75%.

Some customers utilize a third-party call center in addition to Property Meld to help field after-hours or emergency calls. If you want to learn how one customer did this, check out this case study.

Property Meld customer support boasts reply speeds of 12 seconds or less. To contact our support team, reach out to them here.

Utilizing Property Meld comes at no cost to vendors. However, the property management company you work for must invite you to the platform.

If you are interested in using Property Meld, you can use this link to access our advocacy program. With this program, you can earn rewards for referring the property management company you work for to Property Meld. You can get some awesome rewards and create a better maintenance experience for yourself and the company you work for. It’s a win-win!

Property Meld pricing starts at $1.60/unit billed monthly with enterprising pricing up to 50,000 units. Our software automatically scans how many active units are in the system each month, so your billing may change as you add or lose properties. Property Meld is best suited for properties over 100 units because they see the best return on their investment.