Property Meld Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers about our software? We have compiled this list of frequently asked questions to provide more insight into our powerful maintenance solution and how it works. 

Property Meld is a web-based maintenance software for property management companies that provides complete oversight for the entire maintenance process, from submission to follow-up. With Property Meld, you can communicate directly with residents, vendors, technicians, and property owners all in one place while eliminating mundane tasks throughout the process. Meld’s scheduling tool saves hours of manual follow-up. With automation, you can save time and improve your bottom line by avoiding unnecessary trip charges. 

With a comprehensive maintenance dashboard, you can access a complete timeline of all open maintenance requests to ensure work orders (we like to call them Melds) are done quickly, and your residents are happy.

Property Meld helps property management companies provide an excellent maintenance experience for residents, internal teams, and property owners. Residents can submit maintenance requests and select repair times that suit their schedules. Property managers can then automatically assign jobs to vendors or internal maintenance technicians. With Property Meld, property managers can save hours of manual scheduling and follow-up. Property Meld also makes things easier for vendors by allowing them to communicate with residents directly and submit invoices through the platform as soon as work is completed. In addition, you can track the entire maintenance process in real time. Property Meld increases operational efficiency, provides a fantastic resident experience, and saves property management companies time and money.

Property maintenance is the least optimized yet most impactful potential for growth in property management. Property Meld helps improve your maintenance process by giving you insight and allowing you to track key metrics of success. With real-time data and reporting, property managers can keep track of maintenance expenses, identify recurring issues, and make data-driven decisions about repairs and upgrades. With Property Meld, maintenance is no longer unpredictable, allowing you to save money and leverage property maintenance as a profit center. If you're interested in learning more about how we can help, schedule a demo with our team. 

Property Meld is used by property management companies primarily managing single-family and multi-family residential portfolios. It is for teams looking to address the major obstacles in property maintenance; communication, scheduling, transparency, and more. Residents of these properties use the platform to submit their maintenance requests. We also have vendors in our system who are assigned jobs by the property management company they work for.

Property Meld helps all the key players involved in the maintenance process. Residents can easily submit and schedule a work order within minutes and communicate directly with vendors. Property Managers save hours of mundane tasks and ultimately oversee the maintenance process. In addition, property owners can see the status of work orders and approve any estimates before work is started. Overall, Property Meld improves the maintenance process for everyone involved, taking the hassle out of maintenance.

Property Meld is not an app. Property Meld is a web-based software. However, Property Meld is officially more accessible to your vendors via their mobile phones! We’ve created a “Progressive Web Application” that can be downloaded and bookmarked to their phone’s home screen. It is an improved app like experience, including full-screen mode and access to device features like camera and location. The app is live now, and vendors will begin seeing the option to download.

Property Meld is integrated with multiple accounting software to simplify maintenance. We currently have integrations with AppFolio, Buildium, Rent Manager, and PropertyWare. These integrations simplify the process for property managers by removing double entries and improving the invoicing process. With our powerful integrations, your accounting department can save time and ensure maintenance costs don’t fall under the radar.

Property Meld pricing starts at $1.60/unit billed monthly with enterprising pricing up to 50,000 units. Our software automatically scans how many active units are in the system each month, so your billing may change as you add or lose properties. Property Meld is best suited for properties over 100 units because they see the best return on their investment. 

Your vendors can use Property Meld, and they will love it! Over 40,000 vendors utilize Property Meld to serve their property management client and many service multiple property management firms in the same market! After implementing Property Meld, your vendors will experience the benefits of streamlined communication, ease of scheduling, and simplified invoicing. With Property Meld, your vendors can reduce the time it takes them to complete a repair, increasing efficiency and profitability. While vendors love our system, it is not a vendor network. We are simply a tool for vendors to make their job easier.

Utilizing Property Meld comes at no cost to vendors. However, the property management company you work for must invite you to the platform. If you are interested in using Property Meld, you can use this link to access our vendor referral program. With this program, you can earn rewards for referring the property management company you work for to Property Meld. You can get some awesome rewards and create a better maintenance experience for yourself and the company you work for. It’s a win-win!

Property Meld is extremely easy to use and has a 90% resident adoption rate! Residents can submit a Meld from anywhere at any time. Once logged in, the system remembers them, and their property information automatically populates. In addition, our incredible customer support team replies in 8 seconds or less, so even if your resident is having difficulty, they receive help immediately. If you are hesitant about your residents moving to an online work order platform, check out this guide on how you can reduce maintenance calls.

Vendors can create an invoice in Property Meld or upload an invoice into the system. In addition, you can create automated Workflows that remind vendors to submit an invoice as soon as a job is finished. This holds vendors accountable and will make life easier for your accounting department.

No, Property Meld's goal is to eliminate maintenance calls, so your team isn't spending hours on the phone dealing with maintenance-related issues. Our software has helped customers reduce their maintenance calls by 75%. Some customers utilize a third-party call center in addition to Property Meld to help field after-hours or emergency calls. If you want to learn how that works, check out this customer case study.

Property Meld is not intended to replace your PMS software. Our focus is property maintenance, and we are a great addition to your current PMS software. Property Meld can complement your existing PMS software by providing additional functionality related explicitly to maintenance management. In summary, Property Meld is not intended to replace your PMS software but to work alongside it to provide additional functionality and improve your overall property management operations.

Property maintenance is the least optimized yet most significant potential for profitability in property management. In addition, property maintenance is one of the most unpredictable aspects of leadership. This is why Property Meld has dedicated ourselves to focusing on one thing and tackling one of the biggest headaches in property management. We like to think of PMS software as a Swiss Army Knife. It has many great tools that help with a variety of things. But if a tree was blocking the road, would you want to use a Swiss Army Knife or a chainsaw to cut your way through? If property maintenance is the tree, Property Meld is the chainsaw. 

Workflows are customizable automations you can add to your Meld account to improve efficiency and increase resident satisfaction. Workflows help to automate the mundane maintenance tasks that take time away from your staff. Workflows can help you tackle the most time-consuming procedures and eliminate human error. Some common Workflows include closing a work order in 48 hours if the resident is unresponsive, sending a resident an automated message when they create a Meld, creating automatic troubleshooting instructions, or unassigning a work order if a vendor hasn’t accepted the job in 24 hours. 

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