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Property Meld

Maintenance software designed for all your stakeholders

Property Meld was designed to provide a smooth maintenance experience for everyone involved. Maintenance teams can function more efficiently with less manual tasks and simplified processes to provide a better level of service, keeping investors and residents happy.

Illustration of Property Meld stakeholders that can use the maintenance software.
Property maintenance flow or a resident, technician, vendor, and investor.

Give your team the maintenance tool of their dreams

Increase your bandwidth with the property maintenance assistant that never stops. Property Meld cuts down time spent on the phone by 75% giving your team more time in their day to increase output. Additionally, with data that competitors can only dream of, property management companies can grow their business with data-driven decisions.

Are internal technicians making you money?

Intelligent maintenance insights increase the efficiency of internal maintenance and turn your maintenance headaches into profitability. Intuitive coordination based on job proximity allows techs to complete more jobs each day, proven to increase technician utilization by 38%.

Monitor technician utilization rate metrics
Happy third party vendor with improved repair speeds.

A software so easy, your vendors will love it

Property Meld is the preferred software for thousands of vendors across North America. Our software makes scheduling work a breeze and allows vendors to quickly and easily submit invoices. They get paid faster, and your accounting team stays organized. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Give your residents peace of mind

Provide residents fast, stress-free repairs. Property Meld is proven to cut down on phone calls from residents. Keep your residents in the loop, to avoid angry messages and ensure the job is done right by asking for resident feedback.

Tenant providing 5 start Google review on maintenance repair.
Happy property management investor with lower maintenance spends.

Increase retention with the investor experience of your dreams

Offer the right amount of transparency to build a lasting relationship. Investors will no longer have angry sticker shock seeing their statement at the end of the month. With our platform investors can stay in the loop and act on approval requests in seconds.

Minimize friction and strengthen relationships with Property Meld

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