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Dominate the industry with a best-in-class resident experience, tracked and calculated communication, and user-defined automation. Meld empowers you to make informed improvements within your maintenance process, backed by data - no more gut decisions.

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More Than Just Streamlined Communication

Look at communication on a deeper level and track its effectiveness to ensure the volume and speed of communication is remaining healthy throughout the entire repair cycle. With Property Meld software, you can track response times on each work order from vendors, technicians, and residents to build a strong communication model. 

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Start Scheduling in Minutes 

Say goodbye to hours wasted playing phone tag scheduling repairs. Leading property managers are using automation to schedule work orders in minutes and improve their repair speed. Property Meld software tracks your speed to schedule, helping our customers achieve scheduling speeds of four minutes or less!

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Increase Your Output to Decrease Backlog

Determine if you have the right size maintenance team to handle the number of work orders you receive. With maintenance analytics like never before, Property Meld can help you make data-driven decisions to increase productivity.

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Relationships built on trust

Maintenance is one of the most significant friction points between you and your property owners. A relationship built on stressful conversations and lacking trust isn’t sustainable. Maintenance is the #1 reason property owners churn, but Property Meld’s Owner Hub creates an experience too good to leave.

Improved oversight and transparency

Without insight to crucial maintenance data, many property managers are left to make assumptions, leading to resources being allocated to the wrong parts of the repair process. Start looking at maintenance under a microscope with Property Meld Insights. 

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Say goodbye to tiered pricing. Get full access to all of our state-of-the-art features so you can focus on getting the job done. Complete with automatic updates.

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