It's more than "just" sending messages

You’ve been led to believe that sending out messages and fielding resident requests is ‘good” maintenance communication. But true engagement is about ensuring all stakeholders know what is happening at all times.

Lady tracking communication speeds and response volumes
eliminate miscommunication and work orders

Say goodbye to residents and investors ghosting you

Some property accounting systems boast superior communication, but still leave you wondering where a work order is at. With Property Meld you’ll never be stuck waiting on photos from a resident, vendor followups, or investor approvals.

We're here to help you stop getting left on "read"

The key to “good communication”, or as we like to call it engagement, is being able to track the amount of communication happening and how quickly you are getting responses. 

Improve maintenance communication
Happy vendor, resident, investor, and maintenance coordinator with great communication

It's about more than communication, it's about engagement

You’ve been sold a single-source solution, but you’re still left wondering why things are falling through the cracks. Property Meld’s AI communication tools, and automated troubleshooting tools help you communicate quickly and effectively.

See how our tools can solve your biggest communication challenges