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Maintenance Communication

Maintenance communication is the cornerstone to resident satisfaction

Your residents deserve more than an AI chatbot. They expect instant maintenance communication from real people. With Property Meld, you’re sending automated messages, written by you, to keep your residents in the know.

Superior maintenance communication with Property Meld
poor maintenance communication

Enhanced communication every step of the way

Leading property management software boast superior communication but still leave you wondering where a work order is at. With Property Meld, you’re never stuck waiting on photos from a resident, vendor follow-up, or investor approvals

Monitor communication with maintenance data

Effective communication, or engagement, depends on tracking interaction volume and response speed. Property Meld helps you monitor these metrics and refine your strategies to boost resident satisfaction. 

Improve maintenance communication
Track maintenance communication with Property Meld

AI augmented communication, not AI fueled

You’ve been sold a single-source solution, but you’re still left wondering why things are falling through the cracks. Property Meld’s AI communication tools and automated troubleshooting tools help you communicate quickly and effectively.

See how our tools can solve your biggest communication challenges