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Oversight and Visibility

You can't move what you don't measure

Over 35% of property management companies we’ve talked to cite maintenance visibility as their top challenge. While many property accounting systems handle intake and scheduling, they often leave you in the dark afterward, leading to frustrated resident calls.

maintenance oversight and visibility

What is true maintenance oversight?

Most maintenance solutions overpromise visibility. We liken it to tracking a pizza order: you see it being made, in the oven, and on the way. Property Meld mirrors this for your maintenance, providing real oversight from resident submission to completion.

The linchpin of any organization is providing that you're effective and efficient at what you do. The more data you can gather and represent in a way that tells a story that is data-driven instead of anecdotal, helps you do that.
Josh Harrison
Director of Maintenance | Excalibur Homes

When it comes to maintenance, no news is bad news

Waiting until you hear from a resident complaining about work not getting done, is not effective. Lacking proper maintenance visibility and oversight leaves you waiting for things to break and then playing catch up.

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