maintenance coordinator performance

Empowering Maintenance Coordinators With Performance Based Metrics

Every day, property management companies overseeing 500 – 2,500 units urgently need support in measuring maintenance coordinator performance and averting burnout.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, how do I know when I have to add more people to my maintenance team? You’re not alone. Striking the right balance of team members to complete work efficiently without wasting resources is tricky. Without maintenance analytics to show you the light, it’s nearly impossible.

Property Meld’s Insights Pro Dashboard now offers a Coordinator Performance tab, enabling property managers to measure individual performance and optimize their maintenance teams efficiently.

Empower Your Maintenance Coordinators with Data

Larry, your maintenance coordinator, is struggling. His backlog is growing, and repairs are taking longer than he would like. Larry doesn’t have the data needed to help him identify where issues are occurring, so he feels stuck.

With Coordinator Performance Metrics, Larry and the rest of your team can see how they are performing and make strategic improvements based on data.

How Maintenance Coordinators Can Improve Communication

In the engagement section of Coordinator Metrics, you can track how much work your coordinators can handle while upholding a solid level of customer service—track Melds (work orders)  coordinated by each team member and their resident satisfaction scores. Additionally, ensure your coordinators deliver the right amount of communication by tracking the number of chats sent and received by each coordinator.

Improving Maintenance Scheduling Across Coordinators 

View all Melds scheduled by a particular coordinator and their statuses. These metrics allow you to see a breakdown of all open Melds and determine how long they have been available. View individual cycle times for all coordinators to see where bottlenecks may occur. Larry can use this data to determine if he is sending too much work to a particular vendor and which vendors complete work the fastest.

Gain Understanding into Staffing Challenges

One of the most common challenges in property management is determining how many coordinators you need to manage maintenance successfully. With our new Coordinator Performance Metrics, you can view all the units assigned to a particular coordinator and the number of work orders they have coordinated. These metrics can help you better understand your team’s capacity, especially if you manage properties in different locations or property classes, as maintenance demands will vary.

These metrics allow you to determine who is operating efficiently, how much they’re spending, and if they have too much volume or not enough.

You Can’t Move What You Can’t Measure

Property Meld’s Coordinator Performance Metrics empowers property management companies to make strategic improvements to see how much time is spent on coordination, if the maintenance backlog is increasing or improving, and to see the overall performance of your coordination team.

Armed with this robust data, your coordinators will no longer feel in the dark. They can make strategic changes to their process to increase efficiency and track improvements over time.

Contact us to see how you gain access to these industry-changing metrics.