Property maintenance innovations

Welcome to Meld 2.0: Smarter Maintenance with Fewer Headaches

The industry’s most powerful maintenance solution just got even more powerful with the release of Meld 2.0.

This interface update is more than a facelift. It’s the future of property maintenance. It’s time to stop relying on all-in-one property management solutions that promise the world but still let maintenance fall flat. Elite property management professionals understand the immense impact maintenance has on an organization, and are setting themselves apart from the pack with a dedicated solution.

Meld 2.0 offers more information in fewer clicks, allowing you to find what you need quickly and get work done even faster. This massive product update is just the tip of the iceberg, laying the groundwork for enhanced maintenance efficiency and increased ROI. Meld 2.0 disrupts the old way of looking at maintenance and sets you apart from the competition.

All your essential tools at your fingertips.

  • Practical Navigation (navigate between pages, quickly)
  • Deeper search (find exactly what you need, faster)
  • Meld Transparency (communicate and understand the state of a Meld in seconds)

Over the last 8 years, Property Meld has made some incredible strides and developed new features for our maintenance software, and now it is time to “Meld” them together to provide our users with a better experience.

Our new user interface has all the Meld features you know and love, just in a more appealing interface. We have made huge leaps to the search functionality so anyone using Property Meld can find the information they need instantly. Work orders, units, properties, and resident pages contain more pertinent information at the front and center, limiting unnecessary clicks. We’ve also significantly improved the app navigation, so information is no longer difficult to find.

New Tooling to Increase Efficiency and Limit Unneeded Noise

In addition to the robust system already in Property Meld, our team continues to innovate to help property management professionals drive down maintenance costs while increasing retention.

Does your technician’s day resemble a pin ball bouncing from one job to the next with no intuitive coordination? When it comes to managing an internal maintenance team the best way to lower costs is to increase efficiency. Getting your technicians to complete more jobs each day is crucial to maintaining a small backlog and ensuring resident satisfaction. With Nearby Melds, technicians can view other work orders in close proximity to them to better plan their routes and complete more work. Coordinators can also use this feature to plan their technician’s day with efficiency at the forefront. No more wasting half the day driving to different properties.

Is maintenance related information lost among lease renewals and a hundred clicks? Communication is our bread and butter at Property Meld. But with enhanced communication, sometimes there can be too many notifications. To eliminate unnecessary noise, customers now have the option to choose the specific Melds they want to receive notifications for with our Meld Watchlist. Get the information most important to you, without getting bogged down with unnecessary noise.

Ever had a stressed out resident submit five maintenance requests for the same issue, or multiple residents in one property all submitting a work order? With Meld Merging, coordinators can merge multiple Melds, removing possible duplicate requests to keep organized and stay productive. If multiple maintenance issues occur at one property, these requests can be merged so one person can deal with multiple issues in the same appointment. This feature empowers coordinators to have better insight into what has happened recently at the property instead of searching back.

It’s time to start taking maintenance seriously, with more innovation you can manage maintenance more efficiently. Property Meld is maintenance you control, and when you control maintenance, you control your bottom line.

Book a demo with our team to see how you can set yourself apart and gain enhanced efficiency with Property Meld.