Reputation and Retention

Property Meld is key to improving investor and resident retention

The biggest focuses for property management companies looking to increase revenue are investor and resident retention. Focusing on providing the best maintenance experience for your customers is critical in this effort.

happy investors and residents
eliminate upset residents and investors

What's causing investors and residents to churn?

You just sent your monthly owner statements and you’re dreading the influx of phone calls, hoping that none of them are a dreaded breakup call from an investor. If you’ve felt this way, improving investor relationships likely starts with refining your property maintenance process.

Property maintenance is at the heart of strong customer relationships

31% of residents choose to leave a property due to poor maintenance experiences. The higher your vacancy rates and the more rental turnovers you have to do, means money lost for you and your investors.

I have never seen happier residents in all my time in property management.
Jim Elliott
Maintenance Manager | Century 21 Queenswood

A property maintenance software built to improve retention

Property Meld ‘s unmatched communication and scheduling tools, coupled with best-in-class maintenance tracking, allows you to improve retention before it leads to profit loss.

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