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Maintenance Efficiency and Productivity

Stop losing profit on down time

Wondering when to expand your maintenance team? You’re not alone. Finding the right balance of staff for maintenance efficiency without waste is tough. Without maintenance analytics, it’s nearly impossible.

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Graph of different techs with numbers of tech utilization rate.

Do you need more team members or more output?

Many property management companies struggle to manage work orders despite having a stacked maintenance team. It’s not always about hiring more team members, but increasing their output.

Increase your team's output without burning them out

Property Meld boosts productivity by automating manual tasks that burden your maintenance team, such as playing scheduling assistant, data entry, and work order tracking. This frees up time for more repairs.

Our performance-based metrics empower your team to work more efficiently and highlight areas for further training.

analyze team performance to increase productivity
I've seen an incline in our technicians getting to more jobs once we implemented Property Meld, and the calendar was key in that. Allowing us to see how many hours they were taking at each job.
Richard Zayas
Maintenance Manager | Stonelink Property Management

Don't leave repair speeds to chance

Neglecting efficiency harms repair speed, leading to a maintenance backlog. Our data indicates that repair speed is the best leading indicator for both resident and investor retention. Ensuring you have the right-size team to handle maintenance efficiently is crucial to retention. 

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