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Fifth-generation native Houstonians, Steven and Greg Shannon, founded Shannon Property Management from personal rental experiences and the drive to reduce resident and property owner stress. Their mission is to maximize the value of its assets and manage every property as their own.


While they know how to manage properties respectively, they understand the needs of their clients are the most important aspect of their business. Before looking into finding a software solution, Shannon Property Management had difficulty communicating with every player in the maintenance process and mitigate issues as they arose.

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The Problem

Before Property Meld, Shannon Property Management utilized their accounting system to coordinate maintenance repairs.

Originally, Shannon Property Management would communicate with residents, owners, property managers, and maintenance coordinators with the system’s maintenance program. When a work order came in, it was difficult for maintenance coordinators to follow the entire repair while also responding quickly to all parties.

The process was cumbersome for the property manager. Unable to view work order statuses in real-time led to problems occurring that otherwise would have been caught.
Other challenges Shannon encountered were tracking progress of work order submissions and keeping property owners in the loop.

Enter Property Meld

In less than 30 days, Shannon Property Management saw an improvement in resident satisfaction.

After incorporating Property Meld with their existing accounting system, Shannon Property Management saw an improvement in communication and enhanced their service levels throughout their maintenance process.

Shannon noted that they are not only able to respond quicker, but they are able to keep their property owners updated and in the loop after implementing Property Meld.

In less than 30 days, Shannon saw a decrease in the number of days it takes to complete a single job.

Having the capability to view real-time metrics provides Shannon with an overview of how their median speed of repair is performing. Before, they were uncertain of their speed of repair or where work requests were in the coordination process. Now, they are able to keep tabs on what matters most to their organization and alter accordingly to ensure productivity is superior and their bottom line is healthy.

  • Faster Maintenance
  • More Efficient
  • More Revenue

“We are now much more able to respond to residents quickly, keep owners updated and in the loop, and have internal discussions — between maintenance coordinators and property managers — related to specific projects.”

Steven Shannon, Principal