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Property Meld and AppFolio Integration

Say goodbye to double entry.

Simplify the process and take maintenance to the next level. Together, Property Meld and AppFolio create a smooth maintenance process. Automatically pull resident, vendor, property owner, and property unit information from AppFolio without the need to manually input information in multiple systems.

AppFolio syncs all property data to Property Meld

Maintenance is submitted, communicated, and scheduled in Property Meld but all Melds, invoices, expenditures, and work logs are sync to AppFolio

The invoice and bill is then synced back to AppFolio for processing and payment making it easy for your accounting department

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Pair together for a powerful process.

Together, Property Meld and Buildium partnered to create a maintenance process powerhouse. Automatically sync resident, vendor, property owner, and property unit information from Buildium without manually updating information in multiple systems.

Simplify vendor invoicing and more. Allow Property Meld to handle the heavy lifting of maintenance, including vendor invoice syncing and setting pre-configured workflows.

Automatically invite your residents to Property Meld after move-in

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Turning maintenance headaches into profitability.

Propertyware is a powerful property management solution. When you integrate with Property Meld, you’ll improve the maintenance coordination process from start to finish. Providing a positive experience for your residents, staff, and vendors.

 Streamlined & documented communication between residents and vendors in a single location

Scheduling capabilities between residents and vendors resulting in faster repairs and increased satisfaction

Work order data, including status updates and file sharing, transfers from Property Meld to Propertyware automatically

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A better way to manage maintenance

Property Meld’s seamless integration with Rent Manager Property Management Software automates the maintenance process from start to finish. Increase revenue while decreasing your workload with no more phone calls, negative online reviews, or time-consuming scheduling and follow-ups. Gain back valuable time and peace of mind knowing your maintenance projects are on-track and on-time.

 Instead of dispatching work and hoping the job is done, Property Meld will automatically tell you the scheduled date/time, as well as completion.

Calls and emails are the death of your time clock. Utilize communication tools to reach contacts in their preferred method.

Property Meld’s scheduling tools take the back-and-forth phone calls out of play with an automatic scheduling feature.


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