The owner experience of your dreams.

Offer the right amount of transparency and build the trust needed to fuel a lasting relationship.

Create a relationship based on trust with Owner Hub

How we help you Meld with your owners.

  • The Right Amount of Transparency

    With Owner Hub, eliminate confusion and increase trust between you and your owners. Your property owners can view details of all current and post-maintenance activities, review and act on approval requests all in one location.

  • Robust Communication

    Keep your property owners in the know with this robust communication tool. Communicate effortlessly with your property owners by text, chat, and email. This tool gives your owners the ability to control their notification settings, allowing them to stay on top of what's important to them.

  • Approvals Made Easy

    Managing notifications on maintenance issues have never been so efficient. Owner Hub allows owners to review and act on approval requests in one location.

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Minimize maintenance-related frictions between you and your property owners.

Shuffling through emails and waiting for approvals is a headache. Providing your property owners and investors with a personal maintenance hub is the answer you have been waiting for. Property Meld’s Owner Hub is the solution, providing an easy, centralized location for all of your notifications related to every maintenance need.