An owner experience your competition could only dream of.

Property meld offers the best maintenance oversight for each owner in their own personalized hub.

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  • Enough Oversight

    Give your owners peace of mind. We provide quality maintenance oversight that grants them access to view all current and past maintenance activities.

  • Effortless Communication

    Communication is effortless and efficient when owners communicate directly with your team via text, chat, and email through our Owner Hub.

  • Approvals Made Easy

    Managing notifications on maintenance issues has never been so efficient. The Owner Hub allows owners to review and act on approval requests in one location.

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How much of a headache is maintenance for your owners?

Shuffling through emails and waiting for approvals is a headache for your team and your owners. Providing them with a personal hub is the answer you have all been waiting for. Property Meld’s Owner Hub is that answer, providing an easy, centralized, location for all of your notifications related to every maintenance need.

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