The way property maintenance should be.

Founded on solving property maintenance problems. Every hour in Property Management counts and if you're spending your entire day coordinating maintenance, then you're doing it all wrong. Our streamlined solution gives you complete oversight and control over where everything stands all in one place. With access to real-time communication with all key players, you can finally ditch those maintenance headaches.

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We don't do work orders,
we do Melds.

Ready to Meld?

Resident Submits a Meld
Maintenance Team Will Assign Meld
Vendor or Technician Accepts Meld
Request for Owner Approval
Meld is Completed

You know the drill.

A work order is created… Somewhere between missed calls, forgotten emails, and lost sticky notes, a two-day request turns into a stale two-week embarrassment. Repairs are delayed, residents are upset, and your bottom line takes a hit with turnover.

If you’re ready for something better,  let’s talk maintenance.

Who We Benefit

  • Property
  • Owners
  • Residents
  • Vendors
    & Technicians

You Can
Expect ➞

  • 75 Drop in Call Volume
  • 60 Decrease in Wasted Time
  • 87 Higher Resident Satisfaction
  • 38 Increase in Tech Usage