Unlock Productivity By Achieving Staffing Efficiency

Monitor vendor and technician throughput to determine whether you have the appropriate number of vendors, technicians, and coordinators to efficiently manage incoming work orders. With Property Meld, you can look at your technicians and vendors on a granular level to see where more training or resources may need to be allocated.

Right-Size Your Staff

Insufficient maintenance team members result in delayed work orders, upsetting residents and owners. Conversely, an excessive number of technicians and coordinators lead to unnecessary expenses and reduced productivity, negatively affecting Net Operating Income (NOI) and straining investor relationships.

Let Us Help

Monitor Your Team With Property Meld

Monitor work orders by comparing those created and closed across specified time ranges with Property Meld. Reveal backlog and determine the appropriate staff capacity to handle the scheduled work. Metrics like jobs per day and technician utilization rate illuminates the efficiency and quality of your maintenance team.

Handle the Stress with Less

Stressed and overworked maintenance teams lead to more stale work orders, resulting in a growing backlog that hinders timely repairs.

To see how Property Meld can help you with achieving staffing efficiency and allow you to do more with less, speak to one of our maintenance experts!

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