An out-of-the-box stance on property maintenance.

While you’re scaling your property management company, you might not be thinking outside of the box when it comes to property maintenance. That’s why we created this webinar and knowledge series — to bring you different perspectives from industry leaders to help optimize your business.

What will you gain from Beyond Maintenance?

  • Maximize Your Efforts

    Discover how property maintenance can be your largest opportunity in increasing your NOI.

  • Optimize Your Strategy

    Hear how industry leaders leverage property maintenance to optimize their business strategy.

  • Master New Maintenance Tools

    Learn industry insights and how to master the new generation of property maintenance.

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Part 3: “Managing Property Maintenance in a Virtual World”

September 23, 2021 — With significant shifts in the job market, it’s more important than ever to think out of the box to solve these challenges to continue growing your business. Explore with industry leaders on managing property maintenance with virtual employees and how it can change your business. Read our blog to find a brief summary of the discussion.

Featured Panelists

Joni Wolfswinkel | Real Property Management Preferred

Todd Ortscheid | Revolution Property Management

Part 2: “Is Internal Maintenance the Answer to Maximizing Your NOI?”

August 19, 2021 — We hope you were able to attend part 2 of our Beyond Maintenance webinar series, as we had a video malfunction in the recording. Read our blog to find a brief summary of key takeaways from the virtual forum. [All the reason to attend live!]

Featured Panelists

Danny Harlow | HomeRiver Group  | Deb Newell | Real-Time Leasing | Ray Hespen | Property Meld

Part 1: “How to Leverage Maintenance to Retain & Attract Owners”

July 22, 2021 — A hot market can wreak havoc on your business and make attracting and retaining owners one of your biggest struggles. Four industry leaders join us as they share their experience navigating this market and how they leverage maintenance to come out on top.

Featured Panelists

Garret Wong | Upper Edge Property Management  | Jennifer Stoops | Park Avenue Properties

Michael Krause | Atrium Management Company | Tim Wehner | Dodson Property Management

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