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Robert C. White and Company primarily focuses on managing single-family properties in the North Haven, CT area. Thanks to Property Meld, Robert C. White and Company has observed an increase in owner retention, vendor relationships, and resident satisfaction.


Robert C. White and Company opened its doors in 1955, providing property management services for residential and commercial properties. They pride themselves on providing quality client services to owners and residents with integrity.

In recent years, Robert C. White and Company made the conscious decision to transition their focus from multi-family homes to single-family residential. While this initially reduced their portfolio size, their quality of service to their clients did not take a back seat. They knew they had to be serious about finding a solution to their new-found challenges of maintenance coordination between their residents, owners, and third-party vendors.

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The Problem

Before Property Meld, Robert C. White and Company experienced lack of transparency and communication between their residents, owners, and vendors.

“Property managers would have to call, email, or text to get an update from a vendor and resident. Then, they’d have to call, text or email to give an update to an owner. There was a lot of back and forth,” said Andrew Coburn, Operations Manager at Robert C. White and Company.

In addition, managing owner estimates was a pain. With single-family homes, the company noticed an increase in accidental landlords, who may not be as knowledgeable about the value of maintenance.

As a result, owners were surprised with an invoice or bill on their owner's statement. This led to frustrated owners, compromising the integrity of their relationship. Robert C. White and Company knew they had to make a change to maintain strong relationships.

Enter Property Meld

Since implementing Property Meld, the company’s maintenance process is faster, and maintenance coordinators have greater oversight. Their time is no longer wasted on stressful situations like text messaging and missed phone calls.

Overall transparency to owners has improved. With Property Meld at the helm, owners have the ideal amount of oversight into the process, while cutting out all the irrelevant details.

“Owners now have the opportunity to raise their hand and say they want an estimate, or if they want more information about the repair. This cuts down on uncomfortable conversations after the fact when the owner receives the invoice,” says Coburn.

Robert C. White and Company is also benefiting from a better vendor experience. What used to take vendors days or weeks to complete a maintenance request has reduced significantly.

“Property Meld is a huge advantage for our vendors because they can simply schedule as opposed to them losing time on coordination,” says Coburn.

  • Faster Maintenance
  • More Efficient
  • More Revenue

Vendors complete repairs faster

In 2021, vendors that worked with Robert C. White and Company reported a 110% increase in speed of repair.

Decrease in average days to repair completion

Vendors working with Robert C. White and Company experienced a 41% decrease in the number of days it takes to complete a job.

“By having good maintenance, our resident happiness increases, which increases resident retention. That’s a better overall on your bottom line for your owners.” says Coburn.