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HomeRiver Group Continues a Valuable Partnership with Property Meld

Property Meld is happy to announce that HomeRiver Group (HRG) has renewed their contract with Property Meld for 2023. With nearly 40,000 units across 30+ markets in the United States, HomeRiver Group strives to be the nation’s premier national residential property management company.

HRG implemented Property Meld to help coordinate and manage their property maintenance process while experiencing rapid growth. HRG has constantly been innovating in the single-family property management space, and they were looking to leverage technology to standardize their maintenance process across their markets.

HRG utilizes Property Meld not just as a maintenance platform but as a strategic partner to help them identify inconsistencies in the maintenance process.

Aaron Seaholm, VP of Customer Success at Property Meld, enjoys “helping HRG solve really hard property maintenance problems at a significant scale.” With Property Meld, HRG has avoided sending technicians out to fix minor issues by implementing automated troubleshooting, improving their team’s efficiency, and helping avoid unnecessary maintenance fees.

Now, HRG is completing over 20 work orders, or “Melds”, per hour and has almost 500 automated workflows enabled across all their markets. But the most significant benefit of Property Meld has been the metrics dashboard and the ability to benchmark.

Through the partnership with Property Meld, HRG has been able to not only track key metrics like the speed of repair, vacancy rates, speed of turns, time to invoice, and more, but they have also determined what is crucial in property maintenance. For example, what metrics are most important to track to determine success in their process.

Scott Heimel, HRG’s VP of Operations, says that Property Meld has “given us the capability to look at maintenance differently. We can see our metrics and see how our team is performing.”

Scott also mentioned that Property Meld allows them to grade their vendor base and determine how their vendors are doing based on their expectations. With Property Meld, residents can submit feedback after completing a maintenance request. This allows HRG to view the success of their vendors and intervene if necessary.

Property Meld has enhanced HomeRiver Group’s resident experience by creating a better maintenance process in their markets. They have improved the handling and speed of emergency repairs with the help of creating customizable workflow templates. Not only can they better determine which issues are emergencies, but they can also resolve the issue quicker, leading to happier residents.

Duncan McCulloch, VP of Property Services at HRG, stated, “At HomeRiver Group, we are very happy with the Property Meld team. We treat them as a part of the family because they are always ready to jump in and help us get the most from our use of the system. Their professional support team is among the best I have experienced during my 30 years in the business. Overall, we have utilized Property Meld to enhance our tenant experience through the portal. We have also become very adept in developing and using workflows to drive accountability and improve our repair speed, especially in our emergency response. We are very excited to continue our journey with Property Meld in this coming year.”

The Customer Success team at Property Meld is enthusiastic about their ongoing support in fostering HomeRiver Group’s growth as industry leaders in single-family property management. They are dedicated to assisting HRG in addressing intricate maintenance challenges for the foreseeable future.