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As 2022 ends, we celebrate customers who have improved their maintenance process. Our main goal is to ensure our customers have the tools to succeed in maintenance and improve their key performance indicators. A successful maintenance process leads to a more successful property management company, and we are proud to see so many of our customers grow within the industry.

In July 2022, we released our partnership integration with AppFolio Property Manager. The AppFolio Stack integration allows customers to sync their data with Property Meld automatically. This eliminates time-consuming double entries and syncs work orders and invoices to AppFolio in real-time. Since the integration, we have seen tremendous improvement in many of our customers’ maintenance processes. By cutting down on mundane tasks and allowing them to manage more with less.

Grow your Portfolio by Taking Charge of Maintenance

grow maintenance portfolio

Silver Key Realty in Tennessee manages 500 units and has been a Property Meld customer since March 2022. Before implementing Property Meld, Silver Key Realty was on a mission to expand its door count from 388 to 450. They knew they were being hindered with their current maintenance operations and wouldn’t be able to grow until those issues were fixed.

Since implementing Property Meld, Silver Key Realty has expanded its portfolio to 500 units and has better communication and coordination, reducing staff stress and increasing oversight.

Within a month of submitting work orders in Property Meld, Silver Key Realty saw their median speed of repair decrease to 3.15 days, and 73% of work orders were completed in less than seven days. Not only did their repair speed improve, but they also saw a spike in resident satisfaction, with an average resident rating of 4.37 out of 5.

Improve Average Speed of Repair

Innovative Realty, LLC, a Property Meld customer since November 2020, currently manages 400 single-family units. They were growing extremely fast and planned on growing by hundreds of units. But they knew to do so successfully, they needed to streamline processes as much as possible, specifically in maintenance. Their method of working with third-party vendors was clunky and they were looking for a better solution.

After implementing Property Meld, Innovative Realty’s repair speed decreased to an average of 4.52 days, and 63% of work orders were completed in 7 days or less. In addition, their resident rating improved to 4.4 out of 5.

“Usually, it would take 3-7 days from start to finish to close a work order, but it is only taking 24 hours in Property Meld. With Meld, we have to do a lot less manual work, and the owner approval turnaround is faster,” said a representative of Innovative Realty, LLC

Increase Resident Satisfaction

increase resident satisfaction

Colorado Realty and Property Management Inc. started using Property Meld in 2018 with a door count of 900. They were struggling with unhappy residents and wanted to take their maintenance to the next level as they began to grow. They needed more communication regarding scheduling. They left everything to their vendors, and things were missed and started to slip through the cracks.

In their first month with Property Meld, they brought their median repair speed down to 5.81 days, with 57% of work orders being completed in less than seven days. Issues with unhappy residents improved, and they now have an average resident satisfaction of 4.4 out of 5.

“I am always happy to share how our company utilizes Property Meld to create ease with our Accounting and Maintenance Department. With our company’s recent growth, I do not know how we would survive without this software,” said Billy Early, Maintenance Manager of Colorado Realty.

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It’s Time to Upgrade Your Maintenance Process

If you are looking for a smart maintenance solution to improve your processes in 2023, schedule a demo with one of our maintenance experts to learn more about our software.

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