Property Meld white labeling

Imagine your residents and owners see your company logo and brand throughout every step of their maintenance experience. Your residents and owners have no doubt they are doing maintenance exclusively with your company, and they have confidence in your process. This is why you should implement White Labeling within Property Meld. 

It’s time you take the credit for your positive maintenance experience.

You may be wondering how something as simple as the appearance of your logo can benefit your company. 

Why is white labeling important?

Creates trust and transparency. White labeling enables you, as a property manager, to promote your company’s brand to your owners and residents through the Property Meld platform.

Increases customer adoption. Providing a recognizable identity to your property owners and residents establishes trust in your services, making them more willing to adopt your maintenance process. The more residents and owners on your software, the more you get out of our already powerful maintenance platform. 

Implementing white labeling in your company

Are you currently a Property Meld customer? It is as simple as logging into your Property Meld account and toggling on the white-labeling feature in your account settings.

Not a current customer? White labeling is just one feature of our already powerful maintenance software! With Property Meld, you can automate your maintenance process, reducing inefficiencies, while keeping residents and owners satisfied. Click here to see a customized demo!

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