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2024 MX Summit

Top 7 Reasons to Attend the 2024 MX Summit

Get ready for an event like no other! Whether you’re a seasoned alumnus or a first-time attendee, the 2024 MX Summit, happening September 18-20, is packed with dynamic sessions, unparalleled networking opportunities, cutting-edge maintenance strategies, and inspiring keynote speakers that you can’t miss.

For four consecutive years, the MX Summit has been the go-to conference for those dedicated to enhancing and perfecting maintenance operations. Property management is all about property maintenance, and the MX Summit is your golden ticket to mastering this critical area.

Set in the breathtaking Black Hills of South Dakota, the MX Summit spans three exhilarating days of innovation, trend-setting sessions, and maintenance benchmarking that will drive your business to new heights. This is an event for your whole team—there’s something for everyone!


Top 7 Reasons Why You Must Attend the 2024 MX Summit


  1. Boost Resident Engagement

Unlock the secrets to faster repair times and increased satisfaction. Mario Napolitano from Allegiant Management Group will share proven strategies to boost resident adoption in “Why Resident Engagement Matters and How to Improve It.” Learn how enhanced engagement can transform your maintenance operations, backed by exclusive Property Meld data.


Resident Engagement



  1. Turn Maintenance Metrics into Marketing Gold

If done correctly, your maintenance performance can be your strongest marketing asset, helping you attract new residents and property owners. Molly Sperlich-Best, author of The  Maintenance Minute and Property Meld’s Marketing Coordinator, will show you how to leverage crucial metrics like response times and completion rates in “How to Leverage Your Maintenance Metrics to Market Your Business.” Discover how to stand out in a crowded market and drive growth with data-driven marketing strategies.


Maintenance and Marketing


  1. Win Over Investors with Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a game-changer for enhancing property value and resident satisfaction, while lowering maintenance costs, but selling it to investors can be tough. John Kearns, Head of Solutions at Property Meld, will reveal his top sales techniques he has learned after 18 years in the industry  in “How to Sell Preventative Maintenance Programs to Your Investors.” Learn how to present compelling arguments and overcome objections to gain crucial investor support.


Preventative Maintenance


  1. Build a Top-Tier Maintenance Team

A high-performing internal maintenance team is essential for efficiency. Justin Mann, Co-founder of Stonelink Property Management, will share his journey to transforming his internal team to handle 97% of maintenance tasks efficiently in “Secrets to Building a World-Class Internal Maintenance Team.” Discover the keys to unlocking peak technician performance and boosting your NOI.


Internal maintenance team


  1. Optimize Staffing with KPIs

Hiring more staff isn’t always the answer to efficiency issues. Deb Newell, Owner and Business Consultant of Real-Time Consulting Services, will teach you how to use KPIs to evaluate and optimize your team’s performance in “Staffing a Powerhouse Maintenance Operation from the KPIs Up.” By sharing how you can utilize KPIs to indicate needs for operational growth, you will set your maintenance team up for success by increasing your company’s growth. 


staff with KPIs


  1. Master the Art of Hiring Maintenance Talent

Finding the right maintenance staff goes beyond resumes. Andrew Conniff, Property Meld Customer Success Manager and former Talent Acquisition Specialist, will guide you through identifying top talent, conducting effective interviews, and assessing technical and customer service skills in “Gain Maintenance Hiring Best Practices.” Hiring talent is an inevitable part of being a business leader, and this session will equip you to make better hiring decisions, enhance productivity, and ultimately improve the success of your property maintenance operations. 


Hiring maintenance talent


  1. Work Hard, Play Hard

The MX Summit isn’t just about learning—it’s about having a blast too! Enjoy an exhilarating Deadwood-themed casino night, a BBQ at Property Meld’s headquarters, and rooftop games. Plus, be inspired by our keynote speaker, David Meltzer, a world-renowned entrepreneur, investor, and business coach. His insights will empower you to excel in both your personal and professional life.

Your team will leave the MX Summit not only with actionable insights and strategies but also with a renewed energy and motivation to revolutionize your maintenance operations.

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