Tracked and Calculated Communication, Not Just Streamlined

Property Meld has developed a new standard of communication between all parties involved in maintenance. We take communication to the next level by not just streamlining it, but allowing you to track its effectiveness. Track your chats per Meld as well as the average response time from owners, vendors, technicians, and residents. This allows you to look at communication on a deeper level and ensure your volume and speed are remaining healthy.

How Does Communication Impact Maintenance?

Calculated communication is essential because if you fail to communicate correctly, other steps of your maintenance process will fall apart. Solving for communication is the baseline for creating a streamlined maintenance process. 

Ready to Improve Communication?

Keep Everyone Accountable with Meld

Property Meld’s software excels in streamlining communication with unmatched outcomes. All communication is tracked on individual work orders, allowing you to review conversations and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Plus, users can preconfigure user-defined, automatic messaging triggered by keywords in maintenance requests. This user-defined automation has led to 9,000+ completed work orders without dispatching technicians – we consider this a “touchless” Meld.

The Consequences of Improper Communication

Failing to implement a strong communication model in your maintenance process will lead to deterioration through every step of the repair process. If the proper parties are unable to communicate effectively resident satisfaction will decline, repair speeds will increase, and your number of backlogged work orders will grow to unhealthy numbers. 


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