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The Problem

Beaufort Rental’s original challenge was disorganization. They had loads of work to be done and no way to effectively review information at a glance or schedule. The entire office felt the maintenance-related stress. Constant resident complaints drove the office morale down, and as a boss, Flewelling was angry with his staff for not taking care of it. They were also losing money. With no way to properly schedule in-house maintenance and track their work, revenue was leaking out.

Enter Property Meld

For Beaufort Rentals, it all came down to communication. With two full-time maintenance guys on the road and over 500 residents, the phone hardly rings, and the team knows exactly what’s going on. The scheduling, the reminders, the in-portal communication, and the follow-up eliminates resident calls almost entirely.


“To do what Property Meld does for me, you would need one capable full-time employee. Calls, missed calls, searching for the information… it’s priceless.
I got Meld just as I was looking at hiring another maintenance coordinator. I never had to make that hire. In addition, resident review scores have gone up, and employee turnover has gone to 0 because the job is less stressful.” – Matthew Flewelling, Property Manager

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