For a $1.60/unit* per month you will get...

  • Maintenance Automation

    Automate and enforce your standard operating procedures with the flexibility of our new automation tool. Your efficiency will improve by completing maintenance tasks faster and flawlessly.

  • Real Time Efficiency Metrics

    Simply log in for full oversight of your maintenance operations with our real-time dashboard metrics.

  • Estimate Collection

    Collecting repair estimates is easier than ever. Our Estimates feature will allow you to easily create estimates for one or more vendors from a single maintenance request.

  • Customizable Owner Hub

    Increase owner retention with a customizable portal featuring streamlined communication and transparency to increase owner trust.

  • Make Ready Project Tool

    Assign and schedule all make-ready work orders in one location. Keep track of the entire turnover process and turn properties faster than ever.

  • AI Communication Suite

    Solve for challenges around correspondence throughout the lifespan of a maintenance requests by summarizing chats, perfecting tone, and translating with a click of a button.

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You'll also get...

Smart Maintenance Platform

Full access for submitting and scheduling work order requests (we call them Melds!), track progress, directly communicate, and more.

Best-in-Class Communication

We understand accountability and communication is critical between all key players. No character limit! Go crazy!

Vendor/Technician Satisfaction Tracking

Complete oversight of the in-depth performance of your internal team and third-party vendors.

Invoice Submissions for Vendors

Time is money. Vendors using our software can submit real-time invoices.

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Have you been missing the oversight and control of streamlined communication between your residents, vendors, and property owners? Explore how Property Meld can save you time so you can focus on making money.

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Property Meld Pricing: Frequently Asked Questions

How simple is the onboarding process? 

How easy is it to use?

Our user-friendly web-based software features a simple interface for all parties involved. 85% of maintenance requests are scheduled in 4 minutes or less between residents and vendors that use Property Meld.

How responsive is customer support? 

Our support and success teams respond in record speed — 8 seconds or less. We’re there for you when you need us.

*Property Meld Pricing: $160/month minimum

Property Meld reserves the right to audit your use of features for the purpose of limiting use to the appropriate level.