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4 Reasons Why Property Maintenance Software Sucks

If you’re like most property managers we speak to, property maintenance is the life-sucking part of your daily responsibilities. Your manual efforts aren’t exactly creating a positive experience, but that’s just the way it goes. And implementing a new system with a new way of handling your maintenance sounds even worse. We get it. So, we’ve created a list of reasons why we think property maintenance software sucks. Should you think twice about implementing a similar solution into your process?

1. Work orders are scheduled too quickly

When you find a platform that can organize work orders in 4 minutes or less, there’s so much time added back into your day than you know what to do with. Do you focus on profitability or other ways to increase your bottom line? Can you alleviate the weight of maintenance backlog from your staff?

2. Communication is too organized (texting to coordinate? no way…)

Say farewell to the hassle of coordinating maintenance tasks via phone calls or emails. With advanced communication tools, residents and vendors can schedule work orders directly, while you maintain oversight. Embrace the efficiency of streamlined communication, even if it means bidding farewell to your favorite quirky residents and vendors.

3. Residents are too happy (they won’t stop smiling!)

Speedy resolution of maintenance issues leads to happier residents. Property maintenance software ensures prompt responses to work order requests and automates follow-ups to ensure satisfaction. While fewer phone calls may leave you nostalgic, bask in the glow of positive resident feedback.

4. Property Owners stay too long

With a dedicated Owner Hub, property owners can track all maintenance activity and communicate directly with you. This transparent approach fosters trust and eliminates friction, resulting in longer-lasting owner relationships. Embrace the loyalty of your owners, even if it means questioning whether they’re just clingy or genuinely impressed with your management skills.

You decide. Try property maintenance software yourself.

You’ve probably heard that a property management system is something you should implement in your process. It might not suit every property management company, but what if is the right solution for you? If you haven’t incorporated a dedicated maintenance platform in your process yet, you may not understand the impact it can have on your resident satisfaction, owner relationships, and bottom line. When you implement Property Meld, prepare for a web-based maintenance solution to exceed your wildest expectations.

See how our dedicated maintenance solution can make maintenance suck a lot less and request a demo.


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