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5 Key Takeaways from Our First-Ever Maintenance Summit

At Property Meld, we like to work hard and play harder. We’re serious about what we do, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. That didn’t change as attendees flooded the venue for our first-ever Property Meld User Summit on November 3, 2021, at the Hotel Alex Johnson. During this two-day action-packed event, we had the opportunity to connect intimately with each and every attendee who made the trek to the good ol’ Mt. Rushmore State. Welcome to South Dakota!

Users of our web-based platform traveled from beyond the rolling fields of the silicon prairie— from Virginia to Florida and Colorado to Washington state. The in-depth discussions through collaborative sessions, speakers, and roundtables proved impactful. We’re sad you missed it. But since you did, read on for our Top 5 Key Takeaways from our first-ever User Summit to ease your FOMO. (Tip: You probably shouldn’t miss next year!)

1. Property maintenance is the largest opportunity in property management.

Property Meld: a web-based solution that focuses on helping property management companies streamline their maintenance process. This is why our co-founder and CEO, Ray Hespen, proudly spoke about industry updates and why property maintenance is one of the biggest opportunities you should focus on in your business. Attendees discovered the biggest levers behind our vision and how we compress the speed of change in the industry. They had a first look at our “North Star” experience and how it will play out in years to come. This “experience” will ultimately cut costs in half. Implementing preventative maintenance and focusing on NOI will bring results.

Our keynote speaker, Deb Newell from Real-Time Consulting Services, provided valuable insight from her personal experiences to an interactive presentation on internal maintenance costs. With different property management companies in the room, there were different variables in breaking down their own internal costs to add to the effort.  The resolution? Implementing technology, and other resources will help drive down maintenance costs. There wasn’t a person in the venue that left without valuable information to take back to their teams.

2. When Users and Melders meet, magic happens.

We gave a whole new meaning to melding during our “Melding Pot Roundtables” and breakout sessions. Yes, “Melding Pots” see what we did there? The maintenance masterminds behind the sales, product, customer success and support teams met with our users in an intimate setting. Tables were full and minds were open. Users spoke candidly on what features they love, how Property Meld can improve, and how we continue to make their lives easier with our platform.

“It was so much fun to be able to meet everyone from Meld and meet other brokers and maintenance coordinators from different states. Having that opportunity to discuss, share ideas, and compare notes was the best part,” said one attendee.

3. The future of our product is bright.

After our community Beyond Maintenance LIVE session, David Kingman, co-founder and CTO, discussed the future of Property Meld and what will come for our innovative customers. David shared the exciting features coming in the quarter, that will change the future of property maintenance. We’d love to spill the beans on the entirety of our vision, but you’re just going to have to wait until it’s out in the public eye.

4. Our customers are the best in the industry.

You read that right. We love our customers and they are some of the best people in the industry. They believe in us, in our product, and our vision to change the property management game. Honoring them meant providing an exceptional Loyalty Dinner complete with a sirloin steak dinner, Melderita cocktails, and Loyalty Awards. At Property Meld, one of our core values on how we operate is Loyalty. We define Loyalty with the customer being our top priority, and Dodson Property Management and Atrium Property Management could not have been more deserved of the award. As early customers, they have always believed in our mission and took a chance on our vision. Just like so many of our customers today.

5. Casino nights aren’t just for Vegas.

How do you have an epic night without flying to Vegas? Start the evening with an exclusive slot tournament at one of the hottest casinos in the Midwest, of course. We piled into buses and headed to the wild wild west of Deadwood for casino night. We tossed some dice, hit the slots, and doubled down on a good time. Plus, what happened in the bus, stays on the bus.

Our first-ever User Summit was unforgettable. We worked hard, but we played even harder. Our customers took memories, knowledge, and insight back to their teams. We know next year will only be bigger and better next year!

Not a customer but curious about our web-based platform? Request a demo and one of our maintenance rockstars will connect with you to arrange a customized demonstration.

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